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Silence is Violence, from Melbourne, Australia

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    1. Daemoniac
      YES!!! That's it! I wanted to play that for soooo long, and I just couldn't find a copy :( If you haven't noticed, i'm suffering from a truly major bout of PS1 nostalgia :lol:
    2. Daemoniac
      Awesome, i may have to play it :D

      There's another game that I'm trying to remember that was on PS1, it had a weird sepia kind of picture, and 2 characters with hair about as fucked up as Sephiroth... Can't remember for the life of me who made it or what it was called :nuts: Any ideas?
    3. Daemoniac
      I have a somewhat embarassing question... Parasite Eve... is it good? I always wanted to play it, but could never seem to find it :nuts:
    4. Daemoniac
      I can't look at it at the moment (I'm at TAFE), but i'll have a look later. If at least one of the Metal Gear Solid games aren't on there, then I'm afraid it's wrong. Dead set, best art direction, story, concept work and everything that has gone into a series ever IMO.
    5. Daemoniac
      Yeah Chaos Legion is a touch bland now... Still an awesome game mind you :yesway: Interesting concept, with what was (IMO) a prtty cool storyline to it :agreed:
    6. Daemoniac
      See, now DMC 1 i think still looks pretty good... There are some issues with "lip" movement, and i guess the graphics are a touch polygonal compared to more modern games, but the framerate is pretty flawless, and there's so much detail in the renders that I still think it looks better than DMC2... Did I mention i'm also a DMC fanatic :lol: Dead set, that games replay value is endless for me :D I think i've beaten it now somewhere in the vicinity of 250 times :nuts:
    7. Harry
      Haha, you're a Glassjaw fan huh? I've only heard their debut full length, but I don't mind it.
      Jimmy Eat World is a great band too, really dig those guys.
      When I went to see Paramore with my mate Ben at "Festering Hole" as you call it:lol: I felt a little weird, being surrounded by SO many girls.
      I was thinking "surely Paramore have more male fans than this?":lol:
      Paramore did put on a hell of a good show and they are super talented and play as tight as a fish's arse, so I'm not surprised your friend was inspired
    8. Daemoniac
      I might look into getting it, it looks really interesting :) I've been through all my old PS2 games playing htem, and it's pretty amazing (and occasionally disappointing) which ones are still really good games... Tenchu 3 hasn't held up well, that's for damn sure :ugh:
    9. Harry
      What bands did you end up seeing at Soundwave?
      I managed to catch Paramore on their headlining sidewave gig (You Me at Six opening for them) and of course the Meshuggah gig as you know.
      Bit of a shame I had to pick between the Isis/Baroness Gig, the Faith No More gig and the Meshuggah gig, because all those bands have put out great records and I would have loved to see them all, but as it happened at the time the Meshuggah tickets came out it was the band out of that list I was enjoying the most so I snapped a ticket up.
      Meshuggah was just out of this world, so I shouldn't complain:hbang:
    10. Daemoniac
      Yeah i'm going to have to... I was never much of an XBox fan, the games just seemed a little... bland? Not nearly enough interesting design/concept work gone into them. That said, the PS2 most certainly did have some shameful games put on it (graphics wise)... "Rollercoaster World" being one of the first that springs to mind :rofl:

      I haven't seen any more of the promo stuff from FFXIII, only the posters in EB. Looks good though. I kind of lost pace with them after 10-2 (stupid, stupid game that it was). That said, I have FF12 sitting somewhere at home. I like the battle system..
    11. Daemoniac
      I'm really bummed, I don't even have a PS3 yet :( I was dead set that i would own one by the time Tekken 6, Red Faction 3, MGS4, Killzone 2 and DMC4 were out... but no. Unfortunately it was not to be :(
    12. Daemoniac
      Well then... :lol:

      /ignorance :D

      I've been playing too much MGS2 lately :nuts:
    13. Daemoniac
      ^ Devil Kings fan? :scratch: :D
    14. Harry
      Hmmm so I guess there must be a decent amount of venues around Melbourne that have good enough of a power supply you don't need a power conditioner.
      Although the problem is it will be that one gig that could potentially fry your gear, which is why if I don't get one now, I'd want a power conditioner down the track.

      My down picking has improved in recent weeks though, so that's a start, by playing a Paramore song of all songs :lol:
      I honestly don't really have the patience to learn Master of Puppets (the song) in it's entirety, but I can play all of Tornado of Soul's rhythm parts from start to end and that involves a fair bit of down picking.
      Can't quite nail that Marty Friedman solo though :lol:
    15. Harry
      Dude, Michael Amott V?
      GET ONE NOW.
      If only just because it's a signature guitar of a guitar that can actually play (which seems rare in this day and age of handing out signature models to people that can't play but sell records):D
      Wish I could come to Japan, damn it :(
      I was gonna apply for some job, mostly a lot of hard labor, but it payed godly amounts, but I only just missed out because positions filled super fast:noway:
      Had I gotten that job I would have came, but looks like my budget is gonna be too tight to be able to afford going overseas (what with needing to save up for a car, get a proper band ready guitar rig happening etc).
      BTW, I can't remember if you use a power conditioner or not? You got one?
      I was thinking of getting one, so I wouldn't be overly fond of my POD, and various other soon to get pieces of gear frying in the event of bad power or an electrical storm or whatever.

      Edit : just as a side note, listening to your band..........GIVE ME YOUR RHYTHM CHOPS BITCH:squint:
    16. Harry
      ESP is not bad.
      My main reason for sticking with Ibanez is that the necks fit my hand like a glove, whereas ESP, while close, doesn't quite have that same fit.
      And I didn't mean get an ET now man:lol: I meant down the track.
      I plan to grab an ET down the road. As much as I love my RG 7421 and RG 1527 to death, I know they aren't the be end all of guitars and will have to go one day :( (I'm not a collector, so I can't justify keeping around guitars I don't play)
      Unless however perhaps I get stainless frets on my guitars, but unfortunately it costs almost as much to do that as it costs to get an entirely brand new neck fitted with stainless frets from ET Guitars, so I'm not quite sure that's a good decision
    17. Harry
      d00d why wouldn't you just get an ET Guitars RG style 7 string?
      They make them with STAINLESS FRETS and with proper brand name pickups for cheaper than you can buy a stock RG1527M, seriously.
      Another advantage is that you're supporting the Aussie industry too
    18. Harry
      Damn it, I didn't see your original thread until now, and I also clicked out of soon after I posted in your profile message box, and then that meant I didn't see your message until now:wallbash:
      So much for being able to tune in at 11pm then:lol::wallbash:[IMG][IMG]
    19. Harry
      I don't know man, weird you hear reverb, because pretty much all proper productions use 2 tracks minimum for distorted rhythm guitar, so nothing out of the ordinary.
      You get some stuff that uses 4 tracks (like This Godless Endeavor, Doomsday Machine) but that's usually reserved for very heavy stuff anyway.
      Still less lower mids on the guitars, more air (that is to say, this time I did less cutting on 7KHz in POD Farm) because I realized the tone was a bit muffled compared to the professional tones I was referencing against, so hopefully now it sounds a bit more lively and brighter without sounding harsh.
      A tiny cut at 850Hz to make it sound a little smaller and hopefully more vocal friendly.
    20. Harry
      The bass was maybe a little low in the mix perhaps, but I continuously tweaked the bass guitar tone to the point where I felt it blended quite well with the guitars, since they are doing exactly the same thing as the guitars in that short clip (although the roots notes obviously).
      Whenever I turn off the bass track in my DAW software, I can notice it when I turn it back on, so the bass guitar is certainly there :shrug:
      I think it's mainly because I boosted the sub bass frequencies rather than the more audible mid bass though.
      The guitars are doubled, yes. Quad tracking wouldn't have been really appropriate here since it's more rock based than really extreme metal.
      Not quite sure where you're hearing 'verb on the guitars, cos there is none:lol:

      I recorded the guitars first and then reamped them, and then I work the bass guitar tone into that.
      There is actually a fair bit of frequencies already cut from my guitar tone, because I plan to lower the guitar tracks when the vocals are done, so I basically pre-made the tone with vocals in mind, so there's cuts around 850Hz, 1.2KHz, 2KHz and 3KHz, which did manage to get me somewhat into the ballpark of my hybrid Riot/Hybrid Theory guitar tone.
      I'm not totally certain yet but I figure this tone will be vocal friendly.
      Originally my tone had no cuts at 2 and 3KHz, but upon advice from people at audio engineering forums, I made those cuts.
      I tend to boost the bass around where the guitar is cut, so around the lower mids, 800-900Hz and 2KHz really and that kinda really blends the bass guitar into the guitar tone.

      As we speak I just played around with the mix more, reduce some lower mids from the guitars, raised them in the bass guitar and also raised the overall level of the bass guitar just a bit.
      I wont upload it now as I'm off to bed, but it will be up in the morning
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