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Silence is Violence, from Melbourne, Australia

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    1. hutchman
      All good man. We were just a bit shocked when we were told that we owed money for playing. We had no idea. Never had to pay a sound guy out of our own shares before. And I've done a lot of gigs.

      I thought you guys were great. You guys are so pumpin so it's hard not to enjoy it. Although your guitar did get progressively turned down throughout the show until I couldn't hear you at all. So I would be pissed to.

      Next time should be a lot better.
    2. ry_z
      Some of the vocal melodies in that first Sincrea song sound straight out of JDA. :lol:

      That's not a bad thing, though. :lol:

      Thanks for all the suggestions, man. :wub:[IMG]
    3. Harry
      Problem is I'm pretty much broke from having bought so much CDs lately (I have 20 dollars to survive off for the next 7 days:ugh:). That and my mate was coming around to my house tonight anyway. Unless you came and drove me there (which understandably is going way of out your way to do so and I don't expect you would anyway), don't quite think I can make it. That and I'm not sure if my mate would be down for going to a gig anyway, think he just wanted to chill me and practice some shit on guitar.

      Sunday, I'm not sure what I'm doing yet. I know I'll be at home, that's a given) but I might be having my band rehearsal (although we are lacking in a drummer still:noway:).
      Unless of course you just wanna come and watch us, maybe even learn some of the stuff :lol: But yeah, if that's not happening, as I said I'd be home anyway. I have to ask our singer first whether she's available to come down on Sunday as to whether we have the rehearsal or not.
    4. Harry
      How's your weekend looking currently?
    5. hutchman
      Hey Man. Can't wait to be playing with you guys on Friday. Should be epic!!!
    6. filipe200x
      Nice! I like DT and Vai too, and i just wished nevermore lyrics were less catastrophic, so i could enjoy more the songs, hehehe.
    7. filipe200x
      Hey JP! Added you cause you replied my post. So, how long have you been playing the 7? And your favorite bands that use them? Salutings from brazil =]
    8. jakeofthumbs
      I'll find out tonight at practice - pretty sure at least one of the dates conflicted with our other guitarist going on holiday.
    9. Lagreen
      Thanx ..... if feels great as well.
      I have no problem with the big neck dimension ... it fits my big hands hehe
    10. Lagreen
      Hey there. This is a kind of new for me so I don't have many friends here at sevenstring.
    11. jakeofthumbs
      Yeah, Steve someone.. I leave all the negotiations to our bassist.

      We're definitely up for it, just need to confirm dates, we all work full time so most of our gig availability (on short notice) is confined to weekends etc, but we'll definitely push to play at least some of the shows.

      First heard you guys on the Unearthed minute, the week after we did it, some sick stuff! We'll definitely make our way down there, even if we aren't playing!
    12. jakeofthumbs
      Hey, just realised who you are! We're currently talking with your management in regards to getting on your album tour, should be fucking awesome.
    13. Daemoniac
      Yeah it's great. It's cool to see them sort of "grow" properly... the second one was just a failure of a hack'n'slash with a clunky, stiff action system, and the third (while a truly enjoyable game) was still feeling a touch played out... 4 feels like proper growth; similar controls, same kind of fighting, but they changed up the character, kept the awesome combo-linking style of the first, and improved the upgrades system :yesway:

      Also; longer levels :lol:
    14. hutchman
      Thanks for coming to our show the other night dude. Really appreciate it. You got any shows coming up?? I'm keen to see you guys play again.
    15. Daemoniac
      Well, blind shot or no, I got one :lol: Thus far i'm most impressed with DMC4... :eek: Some mighty art direction going on, and it's cool to see the little nods back to the first as well (the "Frost" enemies and the music from where i'm up to... awesome :yesway:). Nero is also a pretty awesome character to play as :agreed:
    16. Daemoniac
      YES!!! :rofl: I actually did! 250Gb PS3, and MGS4, DMC4, Assassins Creed 2 and Killzone 2 :metal::metal: Soooooo awesome! :lol: The missus has lost me for the next 80-100 hours ;)
    17. Harry
      Man, somehow I only saw the Dave Navarro thread now:scratch:
      goddamn his Ibanez is hawt:yum:
    18. Daemoniac
      I'll give that cheat a crack when I next play :metal::D

      I beat it and started again... holy crap is it satisfying playing the beginning with all the crazy-as-shit subweapons :evil:
    19. Daemoniac
      I don't know them that well, so it didn't really do much :lol: I finished it about 2 hours ago... SO much fun :metal:
    20. Daemoniac
      There's nothing wrong with being a zombie for FF games :lol:

      A mate lent me "Zone Of The Enders: the 2nd Runner" yesterday, i was up til the early hours of this morning playing it... pretty atrocious voice acting, and same goes for teh "Engrish" speech, but the gameplay is so fucking fun :eek:
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