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    Recording clean guitars in 2022.

    Hello djents (obligatory joke completed) I know we don’t give a sh-t about clean guitars, so thankfully there is plenty of guidance out there how to get a great brutal tone with IRs and real amps or amp-sims. However, I am stumped on what the “best” way to get a clean guitar sound is...
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    Chinese SPAM Showing Up On My YouTube Music Artist Channel -- ANYONE SEEN THIS BEFORE?

    Man, this place turned into Reddit while I was gone.
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    Country Music - Recommendations?

    Great thread. Surprised nobody has mentioned Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Buck Owens, etc the “Outlaw Country” legends yet. Didn’t see Albert Lee either.. another legend. Without a doubt it was Steve Howe that got me into getting an ear for & liking country guitar. That’s from listening to my...
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    Who is the most brutal death metal band...

    So I finally remembered what bands I was going to bring up. Not as heavy as my next mention however, Soils Of Fate from Sweden are brutal death (some say slam, whatever, all the same big DM family) with lyrics about (literally) crack, organized crime, urban strife, gang life etc. Good high...
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    FS ENGL Fireball 100 - Two Channel 100 Watt 6L6GC Guitar Amp Head - excellent condition (US only)

    This was sold; mods please lock thread. Sorry for the confusion & happy holidays/New Years ya’ll
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    Anything similar to Amptweaker Tight Metal?

    S&K VHD is really good. The version I had is pictured below.
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    FS ENGL Fireball 100 - Two Channel 100 Watt 6L6GC Guitar Amp Head - excellent condition (US only)

    Selling my ENGL Fireball 100 in excellent condition. Free shipping US only. This was bought like new from a well-known online shop in 2019... sorry no footswitch. Less than 8 hours of play time on it & was used always at home, reliable rock solid operation. I had the opportunity to finally...
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    Zakk Wylde...I am a convert...I now love a man in a skirt

    As a lifelong Randy fan I recently got hardcore into Zakk rediscovering some of the lesser known Ozzy albums. He's just killing it all over No More Tears the album. Can't stop listening to "Hellraiser", "Mr. Tinkertrain", "S.I.N" and "Don't Wanna Change the World." Great songwriting and...
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    I find music youtubers really annoying...

    Most of my YouTube viewing in the past several years has been all about recording, mixing, engineering. Unless it’s a new amp or new gear that has come out which I’m curious on, no more gear demos for me. Colt Capperune, Khloe Keller, PresentDayProductions, Joe Gilder, House of Kush, URM...
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    Best cheap amp for metal?

    Power tubes; 6L6GC (XXX) vs EL-34 (XXX II/JSX.) (Okay it's not tube but it's cheap.) I'll throw the new Randall RG1503h amp heads as a recent recommendation for good cheap metal amp. Used these are under $300 USD and do not disappoint.
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    Anyone here into Prog?

    That’s Trey Gunn, who was also in Fripp’s Guitar Craft classes before he joined for THRAK. Shout out to all the fellow Crimheads :cheers:
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    Anyone here into Prog?

    Great topic.. I guess I am what you would call a prog kid. My mom and dad were full on into Pink Floyd, Genesis, Mahavishnu, Peter Gabriel, among all kinds of other music. Rush, especially Yes (Trevor Rabin and Steve Howe, the kings) and Pink Floyd were some of the bands I was learning songs...
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    More Peavey heads for the collection

    I just got a Supreme 160 and it may just be my favorite Peavey model ever along with the JSX/XXX, XXL and og 5150. That Supreme 160 is so sick sounding and well built, probably the heaviest amp head in weight I’ve owned.
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    FS Crate Shockwave GT3500H 350-watt solid state guitar amp

    Selling my Crate Shockwave GT3500H 350-watt guitar amp head from 2004. Reverb listing: Bought second-hand in 2020 as a backup amp, cleaned inside and out, used only in the home studio. Famous cousin of...
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    The freaking legend known as the 6505

    Because of the way a 5150/6505 feels. The combination just chunks/sounds so good for death metal and more (using BOSS GE-7 in loop to decrease select lows, mids, highs) that I always end up coming back to it. The fight against removing these frequencies vs the amp means you can scoop them heavy...