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  • If you're not following, the Razer remedial sale starts at 6pm PST tonight. Hopefully you can snag what you want, I set myself a phone notification :lol: It's the same code as before.
    Hey :)

    Reinstall windows. You can also try taking your memory modules off and then back on. And you can also try to update your BIOS.

    But BSODs on machines like alienware can come from weird things. I happen to have an asus ROG which is kind of the same thing , and it always froze.

    "motherboard problem"
    "check your video drivers"
    "ram is dead"


    nope. wifi card.

    Now it works like a charm. Saved a 2000$ computer from trash (then brought it home, then made it work, and now i have an amazing computer and it was basically free ^^" )

    Have fun ! and keep me informed with your computer issues :)
    I swear I'm seeing you on all the build threads I'm watching, WHAT IS THIS?

    Also, hell yes to that picture.
    That's right I forgot about that one. I think that's the first one he uses the goggles haha. They really need to do a movie.

    And I love gyros. Favourite food in the world. My internet name forever has been Soldiers Of Filth, and I shortened that to SOF, then to Sofos, which means "Wise" in Greek IIRC
    What episode is your pic from? I'm thinking the one with the blood test and the wee baby seamus
    Regarding the Elcor band idea (don't want to go OT in the meme thread :lol:)

    We're on a music forum. It wouldn't be too hard to find enough people to do that. the tricky part would be writing lyrics that an Elcor would say :rofl:
    Hey dude!
    Just looked at your thread of your modded ibby, nice work! I have been looking at those kill switches forever but I wasn't sure if you could run them off a 9v battery. Is that what you used?
    It has its ups and downs. On one hand, the one biotech class I'm in right now is badass, but since biomolecular is only a concentration, I only get to have a few classes like that. I'm going to have to sit through a lot of things I don't wanna do to get to where I want to be
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