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  • not really, mate, I just have tremendous gas for an ESP or a Caparison, I'm always trading my guitars, I always want something new :lol: however, I'm liking my 1077XL more and more and maybe I'll not trade it
    :D haha thanks dude. K-7s are the best guitars I played so far (when they`re set up good). There`s practically no difference between those models, just a slighlty different neck profile, but both are comfortable as hell. Also tremol-no is awesome addition to these guitars. It`s a little expensive but it did wonders, so if you`re not tremolo user I highly recommend it :) Cheers and have a nice day!
    glad your liking walking dead man! im reallly into it. like i said, i dont like zombie movies. well i really like "i am legend" but apparently there is a difference between infected and zombies lol. oh and i have watched "zombieland" funny as fuck \m/
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