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  • Yep! The Racecar tuning is one of my favs. Don't worry about the late reply CK is closed anyway.
    Hey, thanks, the strings are all going to be on the same guitar, can only afford one:noplease: Also, I love the tuning from racecar: Bb Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb
    Hey, bud. So after a lot of thought, I've decided I'm going to tune my DC800 to drop A on the lower seven strings with a high A. Like a 7 string with an added high A. So, can you do the tension calculator thing for me and tell me what gauges I should get for even tension? I've tried it and I blow senior citizen balls at it for some reason. Thanks, man.
    Word, I hear you. I'll see how it goes with the .115 and go from there. I honestly don't plan on using the low F as much as the average 8 player. I play sevens but love 27" scale so I opted for the DC800 rather than a 700 or 727. That's really convenient of CK and La Bella. Definitely finna hit that up. Thanks for the help, man!
    Sweet, thanks, man. I never know how to use those things. But, holy old ladies ass cheecks; a .115?! lol Do you think that'd even sound good considering I'd have to unwind it and file the nut and stuff?
    Hey, man. I was just gonna respond on the thread but figured I'd hit you up directly. Don'tcha think the 11-70 will be too tight with the 27" scale?
    I'm glad you like it bro! I plan on recording it with an 8 string in the next few months. I will be releasing an EP of the project that incorporates most of the songs on my soundcloud/soundclick within the next few months!
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