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    Mesa Mark III - No Graphic EQ

    On Mesa's, the 3 band EQ is pre-gain. The 5 band graphic EQ is post-gain. Both are pre-power amp, as is the loop. On my .50 Caliber, the EQ is after the loop, on my studio preamp it's before the loop. Not sure where it is exactly on the Mark III. From what I've heard, the onboard graphic...
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    Do you guys have time to answer a short survey?

    Yea I meant for a DAW. "A dedicated hardware unit that speaks only to the plugin through some sort of sysex message" sounds to me like a really complicated way to accomplish essentially the same thing I use the little pads on my midi controller for.
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    Do you guys have time to answer a short survey?

    Why not play the drums in on a midi keyboard and then quantize? You could just tap in rhythms one kit piece at a time, quantize and then move to the next piece. On topic, I didn't fill out the survey because it felt so biased that I couldn't really add much useful. I actually feel the...
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    Hesperian Death Horse - 'Živ' (2018, Avant-garde/Post-metal/Sludge)

    This is killer. Reminds me of a sludgier Gorguts. Is this you?
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    Which boost for Mesa Mark?

    I don't like TS-style boosts in front of Mark series stuff. The tend to make them sound kinda "nasal" since they're so mid-rangey already. Honestly my favorite boost for my .50 Caliber (similar enough to a Mark) is a Black Arts Toneworks Black Forest. Definitely an unconventional option but...
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    Future Usses album details, new single

    There's some moments that are kinda on the bland post rock tremolo picked crescendo side, but goddamn my love of anything Kurt Ballou produces wins out here. Every time that absolutely massive wall of sound hits for the distorted guitars it makes the build up feel worthwhile.
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    Steel Panther's Satchel patch removed due to petition against name

    This is sorta how I feel about Steel Panther. It doesn't feel like a satire where the express purpose is to make fun of what they're parodying. It feels like a caricature. I see their persona more as lighthearted jab at hair metal and its excess than a scathing criticism.
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    I need help to be more tolerant of other people's taste in music.

    Yup - I personally prefer their previous album, this album leans pretty heavily on minimalistic noisy beats that aren't always my thing. Story 2 isn't from the sci-fi album but might be a better introduction for us guitar nerds cause the time...
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    I need help to be more tolerant of other people's taste in music.

    Yea metal is not at all unique to being ostracized or unacceptable at parties. Country, jazz, classical, emo, etc. are all likely to go over poorly. Also, hip hop and electronic may be the go to "party" music but only certain examples of the genre work for the environment. I don't think...
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    I need help to be more tolerant of other people's taste in music.

    My solution was to find something I enjoy whose musical merits I can't defend on an objective level. Like there's some doom stuff that I love, but playing three simple pentatonic riffs you stole from Tony Iommi for 10 minutes through 8 fuzz pedals while yelling about weed isn't really the...
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    I need help to be more tolerant of other people's taste in music.

    Think about your opinions on other forms of media. Would you rather watch and artsy indie film or a summer blockbuster? Or apply the same idea to books, TV, paintings, games, whatever. If you're not interested in in long takes and framing in movies, can you fault others for not caring about...
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    Polyphonic Compression pedal?

    What you're describing as a "polyphonic" compressor is essentially how a compressor should work. Set properly, a compressor should compress (reduce the volume) of loud notes like chords, while letting quiet notes like single notes through unaffected. What you're describing sounds like the...
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    I’m Thinking of Going to Drake/Migos Concert

    If this is your complaint with rap music, I don't see a Drake/Migos show changing your mind. I see it being something that only further cements your opinion and allows you to feel justified in writing off all hip hop. Check out some more experimental stuff. Clipping is one of my favorite hip...
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    Effect Pedal Troubles

    Depending on the daisy chain, you should have enough current to power all of them (the x4 is about 300mA draw, the rest are probably <100mA, and a one spot daisy chain supplies like 1300mA I think?). However, certain pedals don't play nice with each other in a daisy chain. If you're not...
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    Article on the devaluation of music

    I feel like a lot of the bullets in this article just have such obvious counterpoints. Like the whole "Death of Context" thing is so ridiculous. Like somehow, in a world with Wikipedia, people suddenly have no ability to figure out who composed a song or who was featured? Yes, radio is...