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    Unhealthy to Skip lunch?

    Great chat! you can fall down the YouTube rabbit hole of health advice but they all seem to have a common thread. Insulin. Controlling it by keeping it low regardless of what you eat looks like it’s key. skip meals are not an issue but if you need to eat extra spiking insulin after it’s not...
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    Canadians - Strings 7 String 9-60 (ish)

    L&M has singles too, give them a call for your size. I used to get the 6 string pack I wanted with a single 7th string gauge, now do the same in 8 string..
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    Show your bike! if you have one course

    My man powered bikes..
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    Show your bike! if you have one course

    The street versions are freaking hot from both, boiling your ass or wrists. Track versions are tight, I am 5’8” and look huge on it. The worst part was the foot peg to seat distance, I felt like I was in a deep squat non stop. Getting on my ZX10 was ahhhhhhh like a glove lol! Every track I went...
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    Show your bike! if you have one course

    I had the big brother! The most uncomfortable bike ever lol!
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    Most versatile/comfortable tuning for 8-string?

    Just a thought, can you rent an 8 string for a weekend to really dig into tuning? May be worth the couple of bucks…
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    Latest addition to my ERG - Guerilla M-SR8EV

    Love the guitars! Band sounds great too!
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    New era for solid state amps

    Great thread and information! I have had most of the popular tube heads and while I loved them all with 6505 my favourite I just didn’t use the right. In the right setting where you can get some volume to put the tubes and speakers under load they sound amazing. 95% of the time I could not do...
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    Writing, personal work

    Agree 100%! takes longer and has a learning curve but worth it!
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    Writing, personal work

    Nice, you have it sorted out. I looked into professional editing and damn, $6000Cdn for 300 pages of my e book.. My take is to learn this craft, get better, keep releasing. Once I have a good series I will edit the first through last and re- release. If no one really reads your not giving away...
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    Writing, personal work

    Awesome, if you want me to read and provide edit help I would be happy to. I have been using an app called Papyrus to help pre edit then to edit after. My method is just write and not worry about anything, next clean it up then a last time to perfect it. Not easy!
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    Writing, personal work

    Some great info from your updates. ‘The erotica your right, like porn, massive money making buisiness that no one uses. Some comments I got from my book was around the sex scenes, pretty funny I thought but now I get it. I should make my next one in that category lol! Getting paid for this...
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    Protein- what's your daily intake?

    In cycling we us it to measure power output, same as horsepower. Our bikes have power meters on the cranks that measure the force we apply which comes out as watts. FTP or functional Threshold Power is the maximum amount of watts we can maintain over a period of time. Last one is our watts per...