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  • Hey man, I`m good thanks, still busy with my animated film project, its taken me 1 and half months to get nearly 1 minute of usable footage. Now I have ten more minutes of film to do !!!. :D

    Also I have playing playing my Les Paul studio alot, and now realising it needs new pick ups as the Gibson pick ups are just not metal enough, ha ha ha !!!. :D
    Good thanks, been busy with a film project, and collecting more Ibanez !!!. :)

    Found a 2003 S470DXQM in a local music store, might think about getting it, how would it compare with my S770 and 570 models ?

    Good luck with your music projects it will be cool to hear them one day !!!. :)
    In your case, keep your playing style in mind. Depending on your pick attack and thickness of pick you use, that should determine your guage. All the brands i mentioned are good. DAddario coated are also good but I dpnt have enough experience with those...

    Also your RG, is it the HR Giger model? Fixed bridge or trem?
    Hey mate.

    Band's doing well. We're touring with Testament, Overkill and Flotsam and Jetsam in US next year before we do a string of festival shows in Europe. A lot of work and stress preparing but its all good!

    Yes we use drop C tuning. Our gauges on the other hand aren't too thick though. Just 10-52 guage is enough for us, though im tempted to go heavier like 13-56 or 60 because i pick very hard.

    My singer swears by Dean Markley Blue Steels and doesin't use anything else. I find them a little dark for my preference, but he likes a bright cutting tone. Lately for me its been a tie between EB Cobalts and Elixir nanowebs. I like both for different reasons. The Elixirs are smooth but the Cobalts just sing like no other.
    Hey mate.

    Thanks for the interest in my band. Glad you like the music. :wub:

    You can buy our albums through our official website.
    It's also available via iTunes, Amazon, and Plastichead. :)
    Into Obsidian,

    I havent been on that website yet, I`ll definatly check it out sometime, sorry for the delay in my reply, its been total chaos here !!!. :)

    Got me an RGA-8 the other week, and it needs a professional set up, as its buzzing all over the place and the local music shop doesnt seem to think that new instruments need setting up ?

    Talk soon !!!.
    Whats up dude. Do you ever go on the website Encyclopedia Metallum? Thats where I find these awesome bands!
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