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Mar 9, 2017
Dec 7, 2011
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Mar 9, 2017
    1. Iamasingularity
      Happy Holidays!
      Hope your project`s going well!
    2. Iamasingularity
      Ohh ok. If your looking for shamisen players who play along modern rock, a good group to look up is the Yoshida Brothers/Kyodai. They have some good shamisen rock.
    3. Iamasingularity
      I won`t be running the shamisen through any special gear. I have a SM57 and will just record it through the POD X3. I`m trying to install a pickup inside the shamisen`s body and right now it needs a nut repair and a new skin. I was talking to Drew about a metal project with him playing the guitar and me the shamisen. I`m still a beginner, but am writing stuff on it thats not the usual traditional style, so it should be interesting.
    4. Iamasingularity
      Lol, I just started. I got an old, but really nice 1961 shamisen. I plan to do some shamisen/prog stuff, but thats still a dream. I just looked at your gear, and am kind of jealous. Anyways, thanks for checking me out!
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    Northern France
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    RG 7321 w/ SD Jazz+JB
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    Line6 Pod Firehawk
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    Line6 Firehawk, Bias Desktop
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    Line6 Pod HD 500
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    2x Yamaha HS30
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    Ableton Live
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    bunch of controllers
    Melo-maniac !!

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