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  • Hey dude! Just wanted to clear the record and say that I wasn't trying to be confrontational on the Meshuggah thread. I agree that it escalated a little too much a little too quickly, but I get what you're trying to say. Cheers man! :yesway:
    Dang. it was for more high schoolers anyway but there was an amazing band there. alot of fun. no sevenstringers though haha.
    Damn nice. id get oone if i didnt want a damn tube amp soo much.
    Hey did you go to the little show in south sac tonight (sat night)
    Hahah i guess im glad i havent shopped too much online then, and thats cool. Try to get an agile yet?
    Man you live in sac? i live in rocklin. i didnt think anyone from around here would be on here for some reason..
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