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    Engl E920 issues help

    Good to hear. You have got some great piece of gear there!
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    ENGL E580 tube midi preamp

    Due to current currency fluctuations I can now include shipping world wide. Hence total $1700 including shipping world wide!
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    ENGL E580 tube midi preamp

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: The high end of Engl preamps, ALL features completely midi controllable with 256 possible presets (much like a modeller eg the Axe fx although this is all tube tone). Very well taken care of, kept as one of my backup E580s, hence only played it a few...
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    ENGL E850/100 power amp

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Bought new a year ago, never been out on the road, immaculate. Modifications (if any): None Accessories (hardshell case etc): Location (City,State or City,Country): Sweden International OK? : Ok, will ship world wide Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM...
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    Regarding tattoos(Stockholm)

    Umeå is in an other part of Sweden, you would most reasonably travel to the distance to Stockholm by air
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    Any Good Resources for Finnish?

    If you want to learn Finnish per se, which might be a part of your journey do so for the right reasons. Finnish is related to Hungarian but and is not a germanic language (like English, Dutch, German, Swedish, Danish) hence there are few common grounds to start from. Might be a tough endeavour
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    Any Good Resources for Finnish?

    Good points, as a Swede I've been to Finland many many times. You get by using English. Also I think it is still mandatory for Finnish pupils to take a Swedish course but the non-native Swedish speakers in Finland (the majority) much rather speak English
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    Fancying vacation in Greece?

    Looks like the perfects getaway!
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    I've been ripped off :(

    One thing to consider though - did your bank require additional info when you conducted the transfer? That would be a good way to make sure that the stated address is actually connected to the receivers bank account
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    I've been ripped off :(

    I've bought and sold numerous guitars over the years, but I was also once ripped off by a dishonest seller, I know exactly how you feel. I still find it hard to believe one can do something like that to another person. Hope it works out!
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    Honest gender studies

    Sorry I can't stop writing about this..very sad phenomenon. I totally agree of course with the concept of equal social opportunities for everyone including men and women, but if that is a foundation of feminism it has failed miserably at least here in Sweden. Somewhat intertwined with...
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    Honest gender studies

    Sweden (located in northern Europe) was run by a socialistic government for decades and it has formed a basis for a massive left wing domination of public media which in turn has served as a strong lever for a strong feminist movement. The main stream media is filled with left oriented...
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    Honest gender studies

    I'm in Sweden, one of (if not the) the most feminist affected countries in Europe. My experience is that the University environment is the only sanctuary where people are still judged based on their own merits.

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