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  • hey just wanted to say thanks, I kinda messed with bias fx and got the sound I wanted out of the delay+reverb stuff. I never really played with fx so I probably would have bought the pedal thinking it was making new noises I didn't know how to produce. Haha, anyway cheers! $300 I get to spend on other things
    I posted a Bandit clip on the HM-2 megathread if you’d like to hear some shitty playing through a teal stripe Bandit
    first the internal switches.
    -Gate wheel closest when looking in to 3 o clock.
    Gate wheel further back to 9 o clock.
    - Fat switch rhythm ON.

    - crank poweramp vol to like 3 o clock.
    - carefully set TMP vol (as long as its not TOO low)

    - mid/thrash set LEFT
    - smooth LEFT
    - chomp (only turn on when playing at band volume if you have excessive feedback)
    -gain RIGHT aka highgain.

    - low at 3 o clock.
    - mids at 10 1/2 (diagonally up left)
    - high at full.
    - gain full (when playing at band vol can turn down to 12 o clock)
    - tight set all way to left aka off.
    - do not use boost switch.

    USE TUBESCREAMER before TMP to boost (vol full - gain 9 o clock - tone noon)

    SHOULD sound AWESOME! does for me. For added awesomeness add an eq after the tmp and boost around 100hz and 8000khz just a little bit.
    And seriously honestly SINCERLY! Try this in a band at goid loud band volume. You will be blown away!
    Funny you say you dont like it. I was dissapointed at first also. Thought it had a weird high mid spike that i hated and not enough gain. After a fair bit of time with it it was like a different pedal. Can i suggest some setting for you to try before you sell it? Im getting ready for work right now but i can tell you tonight. Do you have a tubescreamer?
    Hey there. I didnt want to highjack/derail my own thread so decided to message u. To aswer your question...
    Well as u might already know i love my tightmetalpro/AMT-P2/peavey rockmaster rack/crate xlp rack/tech21 sansamp gt2.
    But i JUST got the s&k vhd which actually literally IS the gain channel of the vh140c in a preamp pedal. And i literally mean literally. So for now on thats what im using. Its incredible and the most beautiful thing in the world some someone like me whos been trying to convince the big companies to make a vh140 preamp pedal.
    We're using the Orange PPC412HP cabs. They can handle a lot of power, and because they are compact, the low end is extremely focused. They are the best cabs I have ever played in my life.
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