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  • thanks for the info!

    Yeah, were pretty much for the most part done with the overall specs, just gotta raise some extra dollars for the guitar.
    But definitely be on the lookout for a build thread once he starts. I have a delivery spot between june-july, hopefully gunna moved up so we shall see!
    Sorry dude, I wish I could say yes, but I ended up stopping my build with Guitar Logistics. Nothing against Brett, he was incredibly helpful throughout specing my build. My interests just changed before the build started so I respectfully let him know before the build started.
    Don't hesitate to have a build by him though. His work looks great, and he's a stellar dude. I still watch his builds, and someday hope to have him build me something.

    Hey man,
    Just a quick question.
    I while back i posted a thread asking about Guitar Logistics, and you said said you were in the process of spec'ing a guitar with Brett.
    Has there been any progress on that guitar, pics, build threads?

    Just curious cause I have one in the works.
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