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  • Hey there, it's Rockie, the old bald guy next to you at the BTBAM show in Austin. Checked out your Soundcloud and gotta say, the new mix of Asha'man really is bigger sounding. Good stuff! It would be very cool if you did a video play-through and posted it to the You Tubings! You should think about it and send me a link if you do.

    Don't know if you've seen this article or not but I thought it was pretty interesting, especially the bit about Axe FX settings: GuitarPlayer: Tosin Abasi and Javier Reyes

    Here's a link to BTBAM playing their encore of Mordecai from the Austin show.
    Mordecai - Between the Buried and Me - Live in Austin 11/19/2011 - YouTube
    You can also find my cover of LoG's 11th Hour on my channel if you want. No worries, no expectations.

    Take care!
    I didn't go to school there but I've been following the football team since I was little!
    Hey man, I noticed in one of your Carvin NGD pics that you were wearing a TTU shirt. You a fellow Red Raider?
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