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  • Hey axiom, sorry bro i haven't logged into the forum in ages. What tips do you need?
    I guess the post got deleted or something? Your link just takes me to the forum index. Whatcha need?
    Hey! I don't own an Oni - not sure if you have me mixed up. I do however have the ViK 9 string with the 4.5" fan :) It was $4500.
    I would highly recommend the woods I used, a wenge neck base and a swamp ash body (as long as you can get a good balance with a long upper horn etc). Swamp ash is so fantastically clear and open and the wenge adds real nice thick growly mids. I don't know if you're building it yourself? I've heard wenge isn't the nicest to work with. Can't go wrong with maple I suppose! :) Always liked ebony boards for the aesthetic and brightness. I don't put much thought into top wood - tone effect is minimal imo - get what looks good and you can afford (if any top at all)
    Hey axiomIII, I am not a guitar builder. If you post a guitar thread, I can give my general thoughs there (which it looks like you did with an 11-string, so I can chime in there). However, other than chatting on the specs, I am not a luthier or anything. Sorry.

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