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  • Same here. Were currently working on our EP. Were hoping to release it in a few months. Lotsa of lineup changes since the last time we played with you guys haha.

    I saw the vid at the dugout. the song is sick dude \m/

    That Conklin had me drooling all throughout the vid hahaha
    Hey sup man? My name is Andrew. My band As The World Weeps opened up for you guys awhile back at churchills. Hows it going?
    Sure, I can talk to him if you want to. I think the best thing to do is to go to one of his shows and give him your press kit. Then, get his email address and keep asking him for the soilwork show until he gives it to you. That worked for Alexandria. Greg is usually busy but he is cool. If he likes your band, he will do his best to put you one the bill.
    Hey Dude! Nothing much, just getting ready for the New Year and practicing with the band a lot. What about you?? Take care and happy New Year. Nice to find you here!
    Knew Cynic, you say? Any stories to share? I've been a fan of theirs ever since the first time I heard "Veil of Maya"... but I come from a totally different "scene" of music and could never wrap my head around their style/technique.
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