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  • Thanks again for your offer to help man. I'll get with you next week and take you up on it ;)
    Heh, inspiration is the last thing I want out of it. I'll leave it be and hope it doesn't haunt me
    No I've been in a bit of a rut. Remember that girlfriend? It's taken a turn and well, here we are. alone again :(
    Wow congrats Austin!
    I've just been creepin along with life, college started, new guitars, new girlfriend woop woop. and uhm, well thats been it
    Thank you for listening man :)
    I'll definitely try to spruce up dreaming since the bass is Waaaay off level hah.
    Yes indeed sir, theres myspace and soundclick sources for my amazingly bad sounding tone!
    Playing guitar never hurts! or you could listen to my crappy stuff on myspace, that would make me much happy :)
    Hey, you wanted to know how the pups sound when I got them in, so thought I'd let you know. All I can say is, they're really high gain :lol: and they truely compliment the mahogany. I was expecting them to be a bit muddy because of the high ass 16.2k ohm bridge and 10k ohm neck, but they're quite possibly some of the clearest pickups I've used. This is at A# tuning, also.. though with a 52~10 hybrid set of strings. Suprised me quite a bit for the price, as I prefer them over my blackouts (which I still have and would've had in if I was able to get ahold of a blackout single coil. Sorta glad I didn't now, though.) Unfortunately I don't have any recording equipment but when I can get ahold of a line6 guitarport I'll send you a clip asap.
    I think there maybe an m-107 in a local music store in my town. I can go down there and see if they still have it.
    You can but you have to be very careful not to sand into the body too far! It's really easy to make a mistake on the sides.
    Cool. Keep me posted. I just finished one. I'll be posting pics soon if I ever get my camera to work right!
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