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  • Yeah pretty good dude. Just moved into a bigger place with the missus, ordered me some BKP's, a Pod X3 Live and an M13, and i'm selling my amp to fund a small home studio (big PC, some monitors, and Cubase/Protools/FL Studio/Reason) :metal::metal: Cannot fucking wait :lol: I'm rather single minded at the moment, so it tends to be all i talk about :wallbash:

    Hows things your end?
    Sounds badass man! My Esp is being modded right now. I also grabbed a Washburn WV40 that is amazing.

    I've always wondered about those XL series. You'll have to bring it when we jam! Do you have AIM or anything?
    I've still been here, I just haven't had internet for a long time. :lol: We just got internet back a week ago or so. So I've come back to find a lot of changes, like, no more Adminishredder. :( And toooonnnns of new names I don't recognize.

    But YES! We do need to jam. If we jammed at my place we could always hook you up through our P.A. system. That's what I do. I just run my Podx3 into it.
    Not so bad mate. GAS-ing for an Agile 8 string... hence the selling of my 7 string ad a bunch of other random stuff.

    Hows things over... where you are? :lol:
    hi my name is dane. i play death metal and my band is trying to find promoters everywhere. could you give me some names of of some of them out in KC.
    I accidentally left you neg rep...sorry dude. It was meant for the guy below you. My bad. I'm being serious. I wish I could take it back.
    Absolutely dude, that slim-line neck would make it much less painful for them :)

    Hows things?
    To be honest, I don't have a problem with most of what you said. The two portions I bolded, however, were places where I kinda felt you were overtly dogmatic... probably unintentionally.

    Truth be told... you're a smart guy and not somebody I'd consider racist but the argument that it's ok to call people that because it's an insult just like any other insult is false. Arktan explained rather well the weight that word carries, which does not parallel a more common insult.

    If using it the way you do works for you, more power to you... your life, and it's your choice to live it as you please. Myself? If I was in traffic and somebody shouted "asshole" at me... they'd probably get the finger. If somebody used that word? They'd be staring at the business end of my fucking boot. :2c:
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