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    Some of your hobbies?

    -I really like mountainbiking in the area here and enjoying nature. I live close to the black forest, which gives a pretty good workout, too as there are a lot of hills and smaller mountains. -Some video games every once in a while, preferably RPGs like Fallout, Skyrim etc. -I've been...
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    Rate what the above user is listening to!

    Ahhh, as a guy from germany I feel quite competent to rate Blind Guardian, as it is one of our biggest Metal Exports. I would give this specific one maybe a 6.5 out of 10 though. I love their early 90s albums like Somewhere far beyond and Tales from the Twilight world (which would both be in the...
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    Great rhythm guitarist?

    Wtf? 5 Pages and no mention of KK Downing? Priest anyone? And - although Jeff Waters is actually a lead player I think he needs to be mentioned, as that man is a rhythm machine. .
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    Bands announcing they will play previous albums "in full" on tour...?

    Judas Priest did it with British Steel. And it would be totally awesome if they played the full Painkiller Album live.:hbang:
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    Mayones/Seymour Duncan Regius Competition (Post your entry here)

    Here is my entry. Didn't plan to enter originally but since I am pretty much snowed in and it's crappy weather I could just stay inside for the weekend and put something together.
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    Ozzy's Greatest Guitar Player (Outside of Sabbath)

    All my favorite Ozzy guitar solos were either on Ultimate Sin or Bark at the moon. So in my opinion Jake E Lee has always been the greatest Ozzy guitarist - and the most underrated one, as everyone either seemed to worship Randy or Zakk. Gus is a talented guy but he is too new for me to really...
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    The Official 'Post Your Youtube Vids' Thread (Post your covers here)

    Some song I put together the other week.
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    Most Original Bands of All Time

    Being creators of a genre doesn't make the band necessarily original for me. There may be tons of other bands jumping the band wagon and do the same or even better, which doesn't make the "creator" original anymore. To be original they need to be able to keep something unique or be ahead of the...
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    The Official 'Post Your Youtube Vids' Thread (Post your covers here)

    Last couple of covers I did: Fear Factory Judas Priest Evergrey
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    Album(s) of the Year: 2012

    Although there were a lot of solid albums in 2012, like -Jeff Loomis - Plains of oblivion -BTBAM - The Parallax 2 -Kreator - Phantom Antichrist -Overkill - The Electric Age -7 Horns 7 Eyes - Throes of absolution none of them was nearly as amazing as the new -Wintersun - Time 1 the...
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    Ear or Tabs?

    I'm using both. Usually I don't want to spend hours to figure out how a song is played so I start off with tabs. As mentioned before, a lot of tabs are partially wrong. A lot of times though, when downloading from 911 or ultimate you can guess the tab-quality by the rating it gets. I usually...
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    Omnium Gatherum

    Totally agree. I just discovered those guys last year, when they released New world shadows. And it was actually through some Insomnium article I read, as I had been a big Insomnium fan before. They have a great sense for melodies. I also wish OG vocals were a bit more versatile, they seem to...
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    What's The Hardest Song You're Trying To Learn?

    Hardest song for me so far was Holographic Universe by Scar Symmetry. Paul Wardingham - Ghost in the machine is on my wishlist of "to learn" songs. Nevermore - Godless Endeavor - I just can't get those sweeps up to speed. Every time I practice harder I am starting a new tendonitis and have to...
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    What's the Best Cover In Your Opinion?

    Pagan's Mind - At the Graves (King Diamond)
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    The case against earplugs

    Has anyone tried a set of these? I read good reviews but they are always from people working on construction sites etc. Noone ever seems to mention if they kill any frequencies and how well they work for live shows etc. Radians Custom Molded Earplugs: Sports & Outdoors .