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cali-cornia bluffer, from Dallas, TX

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May 4, 2021
    1. phrygian12
    2. phrygian12
      That's a nice PRS! I think it was like a turquoise faded to blue to green or something like that. it wasn't a single cut if I can remember correctly.
    3. cult
      Nope, nothing so far.
      I use it at least three or four times a week and then there are weekly rehearsals and gigs from time to time and it still ist flawless
    4. cult
      Hey dude,

      I really dig it, gives all my pedals the power they need, it's built like a tank and it never let me down so far.
    5. HighGain510
      Haha that was awesome, your pooch is adorable! :wub:
    6. HighGain510
      This is our puggle, miss Bella! :wub:




      She's my little peanut! :D
    7. HighGain510
      Yeah some cases were paisley, some were leather and now the current ones look like almost canvas-type material. They change the style every so often to keep things unique I guess. :lol:
    8. asmegin_slayer
      What is your fb name if you don't mind me adding ya?
    9. HighGain510
      Ah yeah I've seen people say that before... "artist grade" is what I've seen some people say for 10 tops too, but if it's not an Artist Package then it won't come with the blue-lined case. :( Regardless, that thing is gorgeous and if you got a good deal on it, the case lining probably isn't the end of the world! :rofl: I'll grab some when I get home, I don't have access to my FB pics from here and that's where I keep most of them. I did post a thread in OT last year when we first rescued her though if you want to look for it. :D I've grown up with dogs all my life, the emotional bond you form when you take care of one daily is truly special. Our pup had all sorts of issues so I love her even more as she's still a bit "special" (freaks out randomly, and no real reason why she does it either, just have to be calm and wait her out! :lol:) but the difference between the scared/shivering pooch we picked up last year and the snuggle bug we have now is crazy! :wub:
    10. HighGain510
      Also I didn't want to cause any heartache for you, but I assume you're asking because your guitar is likely an Artist Package and didn't come with the Artist case from the look of your pics? :ugh: It could also be that they gave you a better price without the Artist Case included though, not sure about the details of your purchase but if it was an Artist Package guitar, it should normally come with the Artist Case unless I'm mistaken (and I don't think that I am :lol:). The signature on your headstock looks different than mine so I'm wondering if maybe it's not an Artist Package? :scratch: Hope that helps dude!

      P.S. Your Boston Terrier is SO frigign' adorable!!! When we were looking to adopt our first dog together, my wife and I were considering Bostons as well. We happened across a puggle locally and the MAPR folks urged us to at least check her out, so glad we did as I love our little poochie but I still would have been open to getting a Boston! They're awesome dogs! :wub:
    11. HighGain510
      Well the oddly-shaped case for mine is definitely for the HB (they have to be thicker, and for whatever reason they changed it from the standard leather artist case they used to use to that new material, you can tell it's an artist case because the interior is blue) but I *believe* all PRS Artist Package guitars should include the Artist Package case. The AP case used to be black leather (like the case I have for my lime green McCarty guitar, bought the artist case from a buddy, has the black-poodle interior as well which is nicer than the stock black fuzzy interior the regular cases get) but I believe the new artist package cases are usually rectangular for non-HB guitars and have the same blue crushed velvet-style interior.

      This is what the artist package case looks like for normal guitars, I believe:

    12. s_k_mullins
      Excellent! Can't wait to see the future NGD thread when you get that beauty.
    13. s_k_mullins
    14. s_k_mullins
      Found the PRS you were looking for. At a dealer in Austin, TX. But it's gonna be pricey, because there only five SC-58's built in that finish!
      PRS SC-58 Limited Edition Guitar at Guitar Rez PRS SC 58 PRS Guitars
    15. nojyeloot
      YOU ROCKED that show Friday. Your hair whips own.
    16. xRiCoRex
      I undertand why you're like my Jackson COW 7 ;)
      Great Ibanez too ;)
    17. Cyanide Assassin
      Cyanide Assassin
      dude i didnt know ur on here!?!?!?! im the other half of Exitera with pete(evintis) doing the vox.
    18. JPhoenix19
      Don't remind me... :( yeah it was painfull to part with, but that's what I get for not getting dental insurance!
    19. grantcooper2
      Oh well. I tried to make the thread not too focused on the ridiculousness/elitism of Apple...but it slips out. I was merely just trying to humbly show off haha. And thanks dude, I am pumped it should be here within 2 weeks - it is being built/configured this week! Ill post a NCD and try to keep that apple stuff out of there haha.
    20. grantcooper2
      Well I get a much better workflow when I am running my RME Fireface as the soundcard but I don't have the option to do that all of the time, and the built in sound card blows. Honestly the biggest issue was with HD video editing, and the absolute worst thing IMO is the I/O. I need more I/O and a mbp and iMac just don't cut it for me.

      I have done a few re-installs, nothing really improves. Its not that it is a bad laptop and isn't capable of anything, clearly it is a great machine, but just...not great enough for my needs/workflow anymore - that's all.

      And thanks man - it appears they locked my thread, haha I thought that might happen. Oh well, maybe I will repost the progress report as just a CUSTOM PC next time.
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