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Oct 11, 2016
May 24, 2010
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So Did We, from Oakland, CA

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Oct 11, 2016
    1. LLink2411
    2. ElRay
      Dude, I keep seeing you on my Likes list, and liking your posts.
    3. spilla
      Sure thing man, ill pm you with the details as the text wont fit into one of these "conversations".
    4. tacotiklah
      I responded. I didn't want to be a dick, but expecting me to go halfway across the country and pony up almost 2k for a 2 day class seemed a bit unreasonable. If money was not a concern, I probably would, but bill collectors are worse than the mob I tell ya! :lol:
    5. User Name
      User Name
      yeah man it sounds huge for such a tiny amp. let me know if you are interested. this thing will slay, even compared to the non-ultra version, the ultra is a huge upgrade in tone.
    6. User Name
      User Name
      sure thing dude, i keep texture in the middle position. i have depth at 5, depth at 7, and ultra around 6 with the boost (you pull the volume knob to activate boost). higher power setting sounds much better than lower power.
    7. crg123
      Nice man. I took a look at your portfolio and you've got some great designs going on. Excellent use of materiality in some of the shots I looked at. (A bit jealous of how modern of a palette you guys can work with.) I've always been interested in designing for Higher education.

      I work at a place outside of Boston called the Architectural Team, formerly the Boston Architectural Team (The Architectural Team | Historic Building Restoration & New Construction Design). Our website is like 10 years old, so it needs to be updated, but luckily I'm on the board for the redesign. A lot of what I've been working on are projects to revitalize the wharf areas and mid-scale mixed use residential projects.

      Anyway glad to know I'm not alone here haha. I wonder if there are any more of us on here.
    8. crg123
      Hey just saw your post on the OAF thread. I didn't know there was another architect on this site! I just gradated last May with my MArch in Boston at WIT, where did you go to school man?
    9. TheKindred
      arrrgh don't tempt me. I really do like it but ..... dammit... I'll keep you at the top 'o list.
    10. Matt_D_
      yeah i just saw that on gumtree ;) 1600! i mean. thats more than a new japanese 2770..
      if it was around 1k i'd jump on it :)
    11. Leuchty
      Now its at 1,600 :lol:

      Yeah I have a 1527BKz, the EZ is a pleasure to restring
    12. Leuchty
      I got mine for $900 which is pretty good for Aussie prices. Bridge was pretty bad though.

      Are you chasing the M (Edge Pro) or the Mz (Edge Zero)?
    13. Leuchty
      Better not clog the thread... :lol:

      This one is $AUD1,700 :ugh: and was at $2,000 a few days ago.
    14. mountainjam
      Hey dude, I just lowered the price of the boss noise suppressor. If you're in VA usps would probably have it to you in a day or two. Let me know if your still interested.
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    Oakland, CA
    Primary Seven:
    Ibby 1527MZ
    Main Rig:
    Axe-Fx II -> HD1221
    Real Name:
    Drunken Promises
    Primary ERG:
    Ibby 2228-GW
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Ibanez 1527MZ w/Lundgren M7
    Other Guitars:
    Gibson '84 Silverburst LPC, Agile AL-3200 custom, Ibanez Artcore AF105NT
    Axe-Fx II -> Mackie HD1221
    ....ty rock pseudocoverband lead player, backup vocals, resident fencer

    guitar, videogames, fencing, 'n stuff.


    VacantPlanet: "Hi, this is Paul from Guitar World. Today I'm playing the 666 watt Dicksmasher played with the Super Pointy Guitars 7 String tuned to drop J. Here's some blues."

    Dadrunkendruid: "I'm still running what most people would call "very high gain," it's just dialing back a bit from my usual drone doom wall of sound thing. Also I am a midrange slut, I suck midrange dick for bus money then walk home."