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  • Bedroom shredding, as usual. I have spent so much time working that my music life hasn't moved beyond that. But I'm looking to get into some home recording. And eventually hook up with some people to jam with, if I find the time.
    Man, that does look beautiful! What type of stuff were you doing over there?
    Good luck with your studies, bro. And thank you! My guitars appreciate the compliments :)
    Dude!! You disappeared! :lol:
    I'm really good man. Just been busy working. I'm working in Hattiesburg for Wesley Medical Center now. I'm getting married soon. And I've been building a pretty killer guitar collection: PRS, Music Man, Carvin, G&L, etc.
    How have you been and what have you been up to?
    I'm loving the amp so far. Much more happy with it than the 6505.
    But since my amp is the combo, I don't have that nifty chrome faceplate with the mudflap girls. Although it does have a one big mudflap girl on the grill cloth, so it's still pimpin'. :pimpin: :lol:
    So yeah, I totally missed your reply because I hadn't looked on your page lately :lol:
    I have a full list of comics that I've been sending around, so if you'll PM me your e-mail address, I can send you the list also.
    And gear selling has been so-so, but my luck hasn't been the best with purchasing new gear (see broken Peavey amp fiasco :lol:). I've recently sold my Ovation acoustic, my Schecter C7, a Line 6 Spider II 212, a Fender Hot Rod Deville 212, a Toneworks FX processor, and a couple of Boss FX pedals.
    I might be interested, if you give me a list I'll check it for anything I might want and then pass it on to friends. How's your gear selling going?

    Edit: I just noticed that my avatar is a comic cover. Fitting :lol:
    So I've comprised a list of all the comic books that I have left. It's a couple hundred or so... You have any interest? Or know anyone who'd be interested?
    Nah I'm sure it won't. You got the whole summer to enjoy being lazy, and be ready to hit it this fall!
    Hey dude.. seen your picture in the newspaper like 100 times lately :lol:
    Congrats on graduation and the good grades :yesway:
    Yeah he's a jazz studies major now at USM...and too bad about the Blues Junior. But it's not surprising that those little fuckers could get lost in the mix of a live performance.
    You must've been in a serious hurry, cuz I would've wheeled the car around and went back to talk to him :lol:
    I've only ever seen a Universe once, and it belonged to a guy named Shane that I went to PRCC with. He played in a local metal band from Picayune. He also had a badass Mesa amp that I lusted for :lol:
    I definitely know people in Columbia with nice instruments and good taste in music, but they are few and far between. Where did you see the guy with the UV777bk?
    I hear ya dude.. most musicians around here only focus on mainstream shit, like whatever they're hearing on 103.7.. The guitarist and bassist I used to play with didn't even know who Nevermore or Opeth were... Sad, right? :lol:
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