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  • Beinbruch nicht...das wäre zu handlen....meine Hand war jetzt 2 monate ausser Gefecht. konnte vorgestern zume rsten mal wieder beginnen ein bisschen zu spielen, is wie komplett neu lernen :-(
    danke, richtich ihm aus.

    das is soooooooo scheisse, ich hab mich schon lang nicht mehr auf einen gig so extrem gefreut, und vor allem eben auch aufs endlich mal treffen und einen heben..
    Dude, es bricht mir das Herz - unser Drummer liegt mit Infektion bis nächste Woche flach, haben alle sessiondrummer in der umgebung angeschrieben, keiner zeit....wir müssen das tour-wochenende canceln :-((((((
    falls du hier noch reinschaust, am 06. oktober wärenw ir im gaswer in winterthur - falls du zeit und lust hast sag mir bescheid, dann schau ich ob ich was mit billigerem eintritt oder gästeliste oder so machenkann. :)
    Thanks, man. I appreciate it. To be honest, we have played out so little and we don't have a demo or anything; so that's some of the first feedback I've gotten. You are way generous and I'm really thankful of that.

    Hopefully as time goes on, we tighten up more and more. I'm planning on taping all of our performances for the next few months and seeing if I can catalog our progress. I'll keep you posted.
    Hot off the press:

    New World Symphony -- Live at Centerfield Bar & Grille -- April 10th, 2010 on Vimeo
    You, my friend, are exceedingly generous. I really appreciate that. Thank you :yesway:

    I've got a full video of the show I'm posting up on Vimeo, so I'll link you up when it's done uploading and you'll get a better idea of what the album will sound like (since the setlist is 85% of the album, start to finish).
    Wow, that was actually really neat. I have a soft spot for goth/doom metal. I think he sounds a little bored in the vocal, which you would think makes sense, but most other guys in the genre put a little more "oomph" behind their delivery. The female backups were spot on though, as was the music. :yesway:
    Yum. World Domination. :yum:

    We're working very diligently on our album... we had a lotta hang-ups along the way but we're finally buckling down. We only have 2-3 drum tracks left to record before all of those are done. Right now, were using my drummer's TD-12 and EZ drummer but I'm hoping to get a copy of S 2.0 + Metal Foundry in the next week or two so we can start mixing the drums. After that? Not too sure. I know we're trying to gig but nothing's been set in stone. :-\
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