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  • hey man!didn't hear from you for a long time.haha

    yeah I heard of that.Dont know if you I want to come or not.hahaha.but I might.LOL
    Haha, I see. Project? Wow, I guess you really need a lot of finance for that...to me I'll hardly gonna consider selling my guitars unless I need money more than them...haha

    I think Bentley now only have the Xiphos 7 and the old-blue-3 years old RG1527... Hehe. And really, the price setsuna7 got is really worth it cuz I saw the same one in Bentley last few months and they tagged it RM2.8K or RM2.9K. Anyway, I haven't visit the Bukit Bintang one yet, just the one in the Curve...

    My GAS now has gone for a moment. So, God blessed me. :lol:
    Hey bro, saw your post in setsuna7's NGD. Means you also sold your Grassroots 7 string? @@
    Dlm kotak jer...harga ikut rate masa tu dlm RM 2800,skrg US Dollar dah jatuh lg mungkin murah lg kot!! LoLz.. Aku stay kt Bandar Baru Sentul,sok aku free gak, sms le kalau nk lepak2...tapi jgn jauh sngt sebab aku xde transport,LRT je!!! lol.. 012 3945599-Azrul!!
    Yes you heard right!! I bought it through [email protected] Bentley is the most fucked up,idiotic,moronic dealer ever existed!!! They wouldn't take my order even if I had the money!! Sebab aku sorng je kt KL ni nak main 8 string kata sorang staff ni..So ko deal je ngan mamat Calvin ni,harga pun x mahal sngt...Satu benda je ko kena stnby,stock pickup mcm haram!! aku baru je tukar EMG X 808..pun x beli kt Bentley...:metal::metal:
    p/s: nanti boleh kt jam!!!:shred:
    i wish i could say the same!
    i HATE exams, and i should be studying...but i really dont want to study...
    AHAHHAH!!mat racing kelab kereta..funny2..haha!but those pinggan mangkuk steel wool is thick dont you think?takut guna2,tersagat trus fret wire..AHAHHA!tinggal setengah
    whats the diff anyway?i think its the same right?no?haha..hey man,u manage to find steel wool?where did u found it ar?i tried to search at my local hardware store and none of them sell those 0000 grade..sigh..really need to polish my fret wire..ugly as fuk.haha!
    Cool~~ You do join other forums aren't you? I just online a lot in SS.org because I like how the forum works and I love 7 string guitars :agreed:

    I haven't put my hands on any ERGs right now... *sigh*
    Hey man! Staying in Kajang atm and studying in UM... I feel very glad to know there's another fellow SS.orgian from Malaysia XD
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