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  • Hey man,
    sorry, apparently I'm completely retarded. I only saw your message from April now!
    So sorry. I'm in Johannesburg. and you? Cape Town is my guess. :)
    Its nice to see another SAer here. Are you on guitarforum.co.za?

    Nice chatting,
    Damn they took their toll on me. I wrote 6 weeks straight, plus they managed to fuck up the biggest question in the auxilary physics paper after the original got leaked before the exam date, so now its all over the news and they need to rework the totals etc etc. But overall they were ok I guess. I'm waiting for the results at the end of the month, so hopefully I did as well as I could.
    Sweet. Royal Blue is cool but after having the 1527 in it for 8 years you'd think Ibanez would mix it up :shrug:

    Ah thats cool, I haven't had teh chance to try mine out because I'm not in a gigging band at the moment :( So I wanted to know how it shapes up live.

    I just have the regular old 7321 in black, but its getting modded up at the moment (theres a thread about it in the sevenstring guitar section). I plan on picking up another 7 once I have this one sorted.
    Nah, too old for that ..... getting on to mid-40s and not particularly interested in gigging - I was in pipe bands for around 30 years and enough is enough - guitar's there to keep me musically active & a bit more stretched than an instrument that I'm really good at. Trying to find similar-minded old farts up here for jam sessions, but not the easiest task in the world.
    You studying?
    Welcome and thanks for the friend request.... which end of the country are you at? Jhb here, but you can't have everything!
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