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  • I'm up by Greenlake/Wallingford/Tangletown. Right now I am a stay at home dad with a 3 month old, so finding time is a little hard.....
    .... man I sold everything I had a few years ago and have been rocking only one guitar at a time since then. Best decision I ever made.
    hey man you'll be happy about the extra time there once you're finished. I ended up doing five years total...mostly because I switched majors late.

    but yeah, still in the bay man. don't see myself going too far from here.

    What kind of fiddles you playing these days? I just ordered a kiesel v6 baritone last week.
    It's a mix of mesa MK IIC+ and FAS Brootz.
    Patches are here dude:
    Axe-Change - Download Preset - Theo's Recording Rhythm - by theo
    Axe-Change - Download Preset - Theo's Recording Lead - by theo

    Swap the HBE to the FAS br00tz. Adjust the amp boost/saturation switches to taste and you're good to go!
    Wow man. That's brutal all around. What the hell are you using to record?
    Guitar tone is so clear and heavy. You're going to kill the BKP sales around here, lol, but seriously though at the same time. What drum software?
    Nice drum fills just before the 2:00 mark.
    Indeed it is.
    I've spent time in the Sea-Tac area and north of there near the slide zone, and I hate it there. Way way way too many people for a smalltowner like me.
    The Olympics are high on my list of hiking quests once my boy gets older, and once I quite wasting money on gear and stuff :lol:.
    I'll grow up someday :noplease:,,,,,,,,,,( maybe?
    The neck version is a bit bassy in that hulky warbeast, but it's still fast and percussive like most ceramics, and it blends nicely with the x2n.
    x2n is perfect for bridge because that guitar kind of lacks focus, even unplugged it's a scoopy guitar. Couldn't be happier overall.
    My best guitar-friend here has the DAX bridge in his MIJ Jackson dinky, and holy shit that thing slams with thickness and cut at the same time.
    The x2n sounded like ass until I backed it down to 3/16" on the treble and 7/32" on the bass, now it's defined and thick.
    Hell I get banned even when I'm trying hard not to!!!! You might want to contact Mehtab for some good pointers :lol:.
    Not a bad idea sometimes lol.
    Got my new pickups in just haven't had good amp time yet.
    Will do some pics when I get another camera, probably about time you're back.
    Later, good luck. (work sucks)
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