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    EMG 2 pickup solderless wiring with neck tone

    I am planning to swap 2 pickups from passive to EMG. But I like to have my bridge pickups without a tone control. Is it possible to wire a single master volume + neck only tone control with the solderless kit? Here's what I came up with, I'm just not sure if this will work since the tone...
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    Best all around tuner for the money

    I have a TC Electronic Polytune clip and it often doesn't detect lower notes. On my low A string I just hit the 12th fret harmonic and tune the string... easy.
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    FS ESP M-II Deluxe Custom Shop 2010 [EU / shipping internationally]

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: ESP M-II Deluxe Custom Shop made in 2010 Modifications (if any): Neck pickup swapped to Seymour Duncan A2P, bridge is original JB, vol pot replaced with stacked pot (volume, neck tone) Accessories (hardshell case etc): original ESP gig bag, trem arm...
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    In a case or on a stand? How o you keep your prized custom or priciest guitar

    I keep all my electrics out on wall hangers, even the expensive ones. Been there for years even in winter. So far no weird stuff has happened. Might be the thick poly finish :) My acoustics I keep my #1 in the case and #2 on the wall hanger with a humidity meter. In my experience I play more...
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    FS ESP Vintage Plus (scalloped frets) [EU / shipping internationally]

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: ESP Vintage Plus with factory scalloped frets, S/S/S configuration with 5 way switch Modifications (if any): Trem swapped to Floyd Rose Rail Tail, pickups swapped to Fishman Fluence single coils Accessories (hardshell case etc): original ESP hardshell...
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    Rare guitars that you're looking for?

    This would be a nice addition to my ESP collection but I've only seen one and sadly it has been sold before I could fund it :( ESP (Standard) Horizon-III see thru pink
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    Nolly signature "Polymath" BKPs

    Yes they were always expensive. I have a CS set and a Jug set in a guitar that I have sold. For my newer purchases I wanted to see the current BKP lineup but then I decided the higher price wasn't worth it for me. Sure a BKP set sounds arguably better/different than EMG or Fishman but the...
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    Nolly signature "Polymath" BKPs

    300 pounds ~~ 352 euro + 19% VAT = 418 euro + shipping that's a hard pass for me. Seems like BKP is pricing themselves out of the market rofl.
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    What are the most overhyped guitars?

    Must be blackmachine.. just a basic guitar with a polarizing headstock design and magical fairy tone at a magical price point :) Also in terms of parts, definitely Hipshot. They make decent products but I'm not gonna swap all my parts to Hipshot for the sake of getting a Hipshot.
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    Tune o matic bridge

    I also tried a Babicz tom replacement and it totally killed the sustain of the guitar.. not sure why this happened but it did :(
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    Is something wrong with my 2x12?

    Uhh on most cabs with 2 jacks one is for parallel and one is for series? What does the Vader manual say?
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    My main problem with 7 string guitars..

    Can't relate since my 6ers are 42mm and my only 7 string is 45mm so I barely feel a difference :) Once owned a 48mm Ibanez and that felt uncomfortable swapping back and forth with a 6 though.
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    Would this bother you?

    For 1500 bucks no, for anything above that it would bother me enough to send it back lol
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    Fishman Fluence midrange honk?

    Oh, bummer. Could've sworn I saw a vid of Keith Merrow where the Fishman rep adjusted some settings and the pups sounded different in the video. So in 2022: build to order Fishman™ pickups :)