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  • Wanna teach me how to replace a fretboard and fret it? :lol:
    I scored 2 Yamaha RGX211's for $120. One came with EMG81 and the other I think was an original Bill Lawrence. Both have beat to shit frets but I dig the shape of the neck. Help me out. :wub:
    Hey dude!

    You wouldn't happen to know any good metal drummers looking for a band by any chance?
    Haha, man that is awesome. Where did you learn to build like that? Just from books and the internet, aye?
    Yeah, great build :metal: Do you have any pics of that bass you made?
    What else ya got down your sleeves you ain't showin us? :lol:
    Oh shit :lol: just realised I didn't reply to you.. I thought I did, except fucking internet explorer is a bitch :lol:

    [email protected]

    :squint: Don't laugh. (i'm only an immature 17 yr old :lol:)

    btw, that build thread of yours, fucking awesome :tmm:
    Hey man!
    I need you to take one last measure for me (I forgot about it)
    On your strat, what is the distance between the bridge cutaway and the bridge pickup cutout? I eyeballed it from the net and I think it's about 10mm (1cm)... But I wanted to make sure it's close.
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