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  • Yeah, you couldn't stop a true metalhead, even if he's 40 years old.
    I always liked composing more than playing, that's why I kind of avoided to play live and stuff.
    The need of shred was to not be limited.
    Composing orchestral stuff, listening how those little bits and details stack one on top of another and take life is one of the most rewarding experiences in life (yeah I have no sons LOL)
    I'm always up to do stuff with you and have fun anyway, when you want.
    Here's a taste of some stuff...mixing sucks on this stuff because I put too many guitars LOL

    and...this is famous LOL
    Nice to speak to you again :)
    I have some problems with hands (Raynoud Phenomenon) so Winter is a no go for playing.
    I purchased some cheap equipment to record stuff, so I'm practicing with it.
    Only easy covers so far (metal/anime/videogames), some tests...I still have problems recording high bpm stuff pressing play/record and so on.
    And I suck big time with equalization/mixing.
    But I'll get good with experience.
    I hope it's a trip for pleasure with your family and not some boring work stuff :)
    My back has been way better, but I'm not giving it much rest ;)
    It has been some months it seems I'm back to 20 years old, if you get what I mean, but I'm so tired and I don't know how long I can go with this dissolute life LMAO.
    I've 3 guitars with missing strings and 2 that have to be setup, broken cables that zzzztthfruyhj a lot and not having the time to go to the music store.
    I went actually 2 saturday ago and the store was out of service for a power outage :(
    But I'm playing classical and acoustic a lot at least, which is good.
    Geez, it's hard to be oldies :lol:
    *bro hugs*
    I've been having back spine problems from August 31th and have barely touched the guitar.
    Getting better now, should get back playing with consistence from this week.
    I didn't forgot we had plans ;)
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