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  • it was a .52, actually. I still have no idea what causes it, other than not enough tension. haven't had it since though, and it went away when i tuned the guitar up from Ab to Bb.
    Thanks man, Most appreciated! Congrats on the new 8, if you're ever lookin to jam or just swap production ideas hit it up man!
    i don't think they ever made any in 30.5" scale, did they? i think they did for custom orders, but not for production models. min was 30" scale though.

    aren't you one of the two guys in human beansauce btw? i just remember seeing that video with the guy playing bass to a drum track, and thinking it was the most badass thing ever, since it sounds like a full band. badassery :D
    and I can still have my normal distorted sound running with the orchestra effect running behind it correct?(sorry I like to make sure before I make an investment lol)
    and it goes into the effects loop, not the guitar->pedal->amp correct?
    ok so for me to run the "orchestra effect" and keep my normal distorted guitar sound
    I should run a normal Reverb Pedal(be that its one that can go 100% wet)?
    hey dude, how'd you do the orchestra effect on your guitar?(I know you've probably gotten this question bajillions of times)
    Dude I think I saw you on Craiglist.

    If you can drum, my bass player and I are looking for a drummer for a metal project for these next five months. Both of us can obviously count, haha. We're in Columbia but I work in Lexington every day, so yea. Gear is an issue, right now I only have my Pod XTPro to play out of but no amp. So yea. If we can work around that, we should jam so we can play shows fast!
    ive thought about it, but i always get annoyed by the buzzyness of it. i need a totally clean sound to be happy :p

    i had one on my 7 string schecter. its okay, but i never ended up using it that much. i did use it for super glassy cleans through amps in live settings though.
    hey, that sounds really nice and glassy! i love the dizzy delay sounds too! i've used the modulation/delay effect for cleans myself, with a dual tone that has a large reverby sound in the background. i set the modulation to a faster setting, and sort of make it contrast with the dry sound like that. i love stuff like that :p

    and i actually don't think that amp model is a piezo simulator, i think it's just a piezo preamp type thing, for use with acoustic piezos etc. i need to get me a good neck pickup for the intrepid so i can get those proper cleans like that. the emg 81 is perfect for those types of sounds, but the painkiller and intrepid stock pickup are both kinda rolled-off in the high end.
    Hey man!

    I'm sorry, I've only just seen your visitor message this minute.

    Thankyou very much! It was my Cobra Head and Cobra 4x12 miked up with just one SM57 in a soundproofed room.

    I'm hoping we get to tour the USA sometime within the next few years, it would be an honour to visit your vast and beautiful country :yesway:
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