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  • Hey! Lepsky Dominator is availible in 8 string version! It's just called S8, but shape's the same. :) There will be a multiscale soon!

    And please stop killing possums :lol:
    Yeah, my wife is from Poland and they use 24 hour time there. Actually Mr. Farenheit's house is in my wife's home town of Gdansk. We are the only ones that still use it though. England still uses some weird shit too though.
    Didn't want to keep posting off topic in that thread so I figured I'd visitor message ya. Yeah I also think military time makes far more sense than AM/PM. Saying it's 23:30 makes more sense IMO than 11:30pm.
    Do you know anyone in your area i the Plug Uglies? Get ahold of some of their members. They will be able to help you set up a band. Look for people wearing my avatar on their shirts.
    I just read that "Florida Child Support" thread you made a month or so ago. Rough stuff, I hope everything works out for you... sometimes the strongest thing you can do in life is to just be the better person.
    Dont worry, you'll pull through. Situations like this suck massively, and i dont know why on earth a judge would automatically assume the father of being a douche that deserves it when such a person wouldnt voluntarily opt in for another tour of iraq. Personally, in court i would have said something about me fighting for the judge's rights and my family's rights as an american. But corrupt judges will be corrupt.
    The Hipshots are a little smaller I believe. I know they come with really small washers that barely cover the tuner hole so I reused the stock grover washers. The only thing is getting the screws into the back of the headstock. Its a royal pain in the ass because the thumbwheel is in the way. I dont know why they couldnt just make the tab a little longer where you could get at the screws. As they are you have to hold your screwdriver at an angle. I stripped the heads of a lot of screws and even broke one of the thumbwheel shafts and had to order a single tuner. Honestly if I had it to do again I would just order some Sperzels. You can get them in locking versions with the open back as well. I ordered a set like that for my old BC Rich ASM Pro.
    I remember you adding Hopshots to your Intrepid and i dont remember you mentioning if the tuner holes were the same size. Were they the same or just really close?
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