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  • I noticed in this old thread you said you play a 6-string in FCGDAE tuning. I've been seriously considering setting up a guitar to stay permanently in that tuning. How'd you do it? What kind of modifications (if any) did you have to do? What string gauges did you use?

    I am actually debating with myself whether my imminent future is to contain some delightfully sinful shrimp kebab:yesway:
    I'm pretty much screwed anyway, being an apostate and all:)

    Just saw when I entered your profile, very much belated birhtday wishes.
    hey man!i started on bass,but i'm playing guitar too lateòy.i know you done the i must improve quite a bit.i tune all fourths since i want to match all strings.
    Hey dude, I read about your FCGDAE tuning that you use on a 6 string electric. Would you have any idea what the thickest strings that a grover original rotomatic tuner can handle? And if I would be able to tune that string to the low F without it being too floppy? If you could list the gauges you use, that'd be great as well. I love perfect fifths tuning, and I am willing to drill out the tuning hole in order to accomodate this tuning, so I don't have to order custom strings from Gary Goodman, when I really like lower tunings anyways.

    Thanks for your advice,
    hi. you recently posted in a thread about EQing befor and after distortion. so you run some kind of rackmount EQ or pedal in an effects loop? ive thought about trying this but ive decided to give my amps EQ a good long chance first.

    do you mind briefly going over your method for getting your preferred results?
    Hahah yeah, I played the shit out of pokemon yellow way back. And I put many hours into my poke-gaming still to this day. XD
    haha, thanks man! it was a kinda birthday present from vampiregenocide! He took pity on my lame MS Paint festive spider :lol: Speaking of which, you need to de hat your anime lady!
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