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  • hahahaha i stuck around for a bit in 2007... dissapeared by 2008... forgot my password for the last two years... and finally thought... today i'm getting back on so i can see everyones face when u show them that bridge!!!! HAHAHAHAHA
    Dude, if you're free on Wed Dec-9, one of my bands are playing at Revolver Upstairs on 10:30.

    More details here:

    4Arm on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

    Hope to see you. :wavey:
    Not much man, gunna get some hard work done in saving for the new RGAs we're sposed to be gettin next year! :hbang:
    I'm down at Caroline Springs. Hell yeah on a meet up with some of the guys here! Had one twice with Harry, once at his house, another one with a heap of guys at the Seymour Duncan Forum, both times were awesome!

    I'll even invite more of my other guitar mates too.

    Altona Meadows, south west 'burbs. Last time, I had Bloody Inferno come over, had a great time just jamming away.
    Hello, friend! :wavey::yesway:

    I didn't realise how close you actually are. One of my bands practice at the Jam Hut up in Preston.
    Hey dude. I'm good man. Really like your band!! Got any gigs coming soon.?? Do you guys use 7's???
    I'm fine, how are you. Sorry I didn't respond for a month. It's just because I haven't been on for a month. :agreed:
    hey brother! cheers for the add, I heard/read about you auctioning your RG550 off and that is amazing, but makes me feel like a complete doucher for not doing the same - but having one guitar which is pretty hard to find in NZ means I'll just feel like a dick some more :lol: I hope the money you get for it goes a long way though - I hear the toll is something like 130 or something horrible, 3 or so New Zealanders too which is a shame.

    Hey champ how r ya. Thanks for dropping in and posting. Take care & I'll speak withyou soon.....Joe
    Awesome! And once I have my pick holding issues figured out and my thumb stops throbbing like a motherfucker I'll be even better! How's it on your side of the planet?
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