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  • Hi! I know this is a longshot, but do you still have that Devin Townsend patch for the HD500 you posted a while back? The link is dead. I'd love to grab it; it sounds great!

    - Erik in CA
    Hey bro thanks for the response! I know I should give any guitar a proper setup. That probably made me sound like an idiot haha should have worded it better. I'm no newbie when it comes to guitar, but when it comes to setups I have no idea. I usually take my guitars to a local music store tech. What all did you have to get done to it? As far as the agile intrepid, I meant 728 not 828 my bad. I used to own one of those cheap ass douglas 727s which actually wasn't half bad for being $190 new. I'm torn between the intrepid and the 7422pb. The intrepid is in bloodburst which I don't dig so much and I already have a red guitar but the scale length would be ideal. Buy I have alot of experience with RGS and that blue ibby is soooOooOo sexy!!! Anyway, sorry for such long comments but you are the first person I have came across that owns one and nowhere near me has any in stock. I have owned the 7421 so if it's anything like that I will definitely like it.
    And it censored me. But that is my typical reaction to those stupid butthole creepers.
    well man, let me know if your ever interested in a trade. im always looking to exchange for different gear/guitars
    crazy man! now i also see that you are very far away from me! looks like a deal would not have worked out anyways man! lol
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