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  • Whitechapel has been one of my favorite bands ever since i heard your first album. I didnt even know at the time you guys were rockin 7 strings even though i played em. I honestly gotta thank you because i think whitechapels been such a huge influence on the produciton of 7 string guitars on the market. without you guys there wouldnt be half the demand for that kind of brutallity. thanks man.
    Hey Alex, I play in that gay band Brandon records some (Adelaide).. I'm bored and thinking about ripping the GK75s out of an old Carvin cab and putting in some of the 100s.. I remember reading on here a while ago that you were thinking about putting some in.. Did you, and did you like them?
    Hey Alex :)
    Where did you get those awesome mesa impulses from your Heauveeessss :)D) song??Sounds so fucking crushing and awesome and stuff...I need it xD
    The new Whitechapel stuff fucking owns btw.:bowdown:
    Greetz :wavey:
    Darkest day of man is now my favorite new song man. it incorporates everything i love in metal today. Thank you for bestowing this amazingness upon us all.
    you guys kicked mad ass at mayhem pittsburgh over the summer and you are legit the only reason i am going to warped tour this year...keep it up
    Ah sweet man :) I guess thats the way to go then. It saves me having to buy lots of pedals and gates etc which is always nice. Cheers for your help! :D
    Hey man hows it going? I've seen you use a Pod X3 Live for your FX unit setup, whats your opinions on it? I'm looking to get one to do all my effects and double up for recording, but I don't quite know whether its the right choice. How does it sound live, is it easy to use and do you have any other tips on using them? I want to get a nice Tesseract/Meshuggah djenty tone tight enough for live use. Cheers!

    Also my mates Joe and Ash said you put on a brilliant set in London, wish I;d gone now :(
    Would you happen to know what the 5150 you guys were recording with was tubed with? :)

    I'm lookin' to buy one reeeal soon.
    Hey man, just wanted to personally congratulate you for putting a great show with the band at the Billboard last night
    Wish I could have came to the after party to talk some shit with you guys, but I had stuff to do that night straight after the gig :(
    Yo Alex when is Whitechapel coming to Jersey again? You guys were incredible when I saw you at mayhemfest in Camden. I'd love to see you guys again and talk gear with you.
    Awesome stuff last night at Sydney's Soundwave man!

    I was the long haired dude in the disfiguring the goddess shirt in the front row. Your sound was awesome, I know you use a 5150 but were you using a 6505 last night?

    Either way man, it was a great overall mix. Oh yeah and is Phil alright after getting hit by that shoe or whatever? That shit was low.
    holy shit, big fuckin fan dude! i saw you guys at Mayhemfest and Decimate The Nation Pt 2, and will be looking forward to seeing you again at CailMetalfest 4 and Warped Tour. im also hella syked about the new album, and i think the 8 string thing is a fuckin great idea. STAY FUCKIN BRUTAL!!!:hbang:
    I cannot fucking wait to see yall at Warped this year..I saw yall when yall rolled through Raleigh a few months ago and it was fucking epic! I think that using Of Legions as an intro was dank as fuck haha...cant wait to see yall again.
    Sup man?
    I got my tickets for the "Sidewave" Melbourne gig.
    I've never actually heard any songs from you guys yet though:lol:
    Will you be playing stuff off both albums you reckon? If so I better start listening to your stuff to prepare myself:lol:
    Anyway, it's gonna be awesome seeing you guys (as well as Meshug and It Dies Today) playing the gig and I hope you guys can keep making a regular appearance down in Australia:hbang::metal:
    hey man, i totally was looking at an sc607b in natural but couldnt find it anywhere. since you play one, i have a question. does the odd pickup stance (lowered neck) get annoying for playing because i would think that the pick would hit it quite a bit.... whitechapel is bomb. good luck playing man and stay brutal!
    why do you guys use evh amps what a bout a peavy valveking or mesa boogie mark IV or so. evh just doesnt seem like whitechapel material. lol. anyways. awesome shit keep it brUUtal.
    WOW been really digging the new cd Guitar tones sound monstrous!! glad to have you posting on the board too!!
    Hey man, I was just wondering if you knew what you guys use for bass drops in your recording or if you'd happen to have like a wav. file of one you could send me? Let me know. Thanks
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