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  • HI Alex!
    Can you help me please?
    One of chineese site put your photos, and tell for all that it's they do for you this guitar!
    ESP Telecaster 7 String Electric Guitar By Spring-in Guitar from Sports & Entertainment on
    Is that true, or they lying??
    Thanks and sorry for my english, i'm russian.
    I have a setup very close to yours :D 6505, tu3, od808 and isp decimator and an sc 607b. whitchapel really inspired me for my gear \m/
    I'm so tempted to buy your signature 7. I got a loomis and an atx c7 blackjack and I think your model would go well with my collection of 7s.
    Hey, I think I remember seeing something about Whitechapel planning to re-release Somatic Defilement somewhere. Just wanted to know if there was any truth to that. Thanks.
    Hey man wassup? I dig your tones and also see that you use a ESP LTD SC-607 from time to time. I was wondering if you used it with Pod Farm at all and how you go about getting it to sound good with that guitar, and what you put in your patch. I keep hitting brick walls trying to find something suitable!

    Keep up the good work!
    i'm on here all the time so I just thought i'd say hey! tell all the dudes I said hello! hope all is good man.
    Hey man,
    Whitechapel is my all time favorite band and I was wondering when is the next time you plan to come to Montreal cause I had missed your last show here in August and I never saw whitechapel live before.
    Hey, I have a question regarding EQ matching. When I use EQ matching and make an impulse response, the IR sounds a bit different (loaded on LeCab) from what the EQ curve sounded. Why is this? Everything I did on the Voxengo Deconvolver was right. Did you have this issue?
    I'm pretty sure you saw this and probably are laughing your ass off Exposing Metal Bands (satanic illuminati) PART 1 - YouTube
    and just want your opinion im big in to bands that use 7 strings but im trying to deiced on a 7 or a 8 string guitar but kinda like the 8th string being there just in case atm i own a 6 string...and soon me and my friends are geting a band to gether and i want a good heavy sound. just wanted to know what you think thanks :)
    hey i saw some thing saying the 8 string will be tuned to e-a-e-a-d-g-b-e? is this the tuneing b/c im about to get a 8 string
    Going to watch you guys play tonight! Driving pretty far to see you guys at the Valarium! Worth it! I was there during the kick-off of Welcome to Hell and now I'm here for the kick off this tour. Stoked! Throw your old NT7 at me today!
    Hey man, love the sig. Are you guys using the sigs on the new album or are you recording it with the Horizons again?
    Hey man, congrats on the signature model. :) Well deserved! Any idea when it will be hitting stores? I'm interested in possibly ordering one.
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