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  • I've installed pickups a bunch of times actually, even did some sanding projects on my previous guitars. I worked my way up from an ESP EX50 to an ibanez 7620 with craigslist trades. no cash spent! the 7420 i bought though.
    just out of curiosity, how old are you?
    I'm going to post this here because i think the mods will get pissed if we just keep bumping my thread. anyway...
    I'd love to put dactivators in my 7620. If you do that project on my 7420, pleaaase post pics! i'm too scared to do that kind of project on my 7620. I was thinking of sanding the paint on the 7420 cause i love the look of natural wood guitars, but not right now since i'm trying to get rid of it.
    Look at the date in the thread before you post. Stop bumping old threads. Consider this a warning.
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