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  • What you want it to look like, any images you want in it, image size / what you're going to be doing with it (for instance if you're using it for a youtube video at 1080p I can look up what the resolution is and then make the image that big, etc).
    Block Trem at proper angle.
    Tune with tuners at headstock.
    Lock nut.
    Tune with fine tuners if needed.
    Unblock trem.
    Adjust springs till trem is back in tune and at proper angle.
    Perhaps. If all goes well with getting a new body I'll see what I can do. Were you thinking about just the body or the trem as well?
    Honestly I'm not in a position right now where I can be investing a lot into my rig, so this may not happen at all.
    Nope. After 48 hours you don't have the option to edit your posts. It's something Alex the admin instated a number of weeks ago. If there's a serious change you want made, just PM or Report to me or one of the other Mods.
    haha, I'm still building my first guitar, and actually, it wont have inlays, only side dots. My advice is to make a thread about this in the luthiery section. Someone who actually knows is bound to read it and get you a propper answer. Good luck!
    werd! than x for accepting! your avatar looks like a young corey haim :) \m/ love your posts by the way
    Those old RG570s were amazing guitars. While they weren't overly flashy like the RG770s, they were built to the same level of quality and had arguably some of the best components Ibanez ever made. I'd take an RG570 over one of those cheap Washburn 7s any day. :agreed:
    Same here. you kinda threw me off by saying your old woman, and the fact you had 3 grand. I thought you meant your wife or something but you definitely dont type like an older guy hahaha. and for the 7420, all i got was international offers, one guy from new zealand wants it, got lots of trade offers. but so far nothing much more
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