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  • Hi Alex, i'll do the black pickups for £45 incl postage each, i'll do the red d activator for £50
    Hi Alex, sadly i don't have any BKP seven string pickups available, you're three days late as I installed a set of Nailbomb BKPs in my seven on Tuesday, funky looking colours, they are green and red.
    Anyway, I've got three dimarzio pickups available if you'd prefer those.
    D Activator bridge in black, D Activator neck in red and a liquifire neck in black. I don't have any hardware available as I'm left handed
    Hey, no problem. You're the only person I've really told about it, it's not up for sale as such.
    ok mate I'm going to do a bit more research haha if it works out I might be able to get your Jackson and the Ibanez haha. Personally I like the bare wood so I'd keep that and try an fill in the drilled holes, and I don't think the electronics would be too pricey.
    Yes, completely stripped. I have some parts I can include with it. The original tuners, the bridge and studs, two pots and the 3 way. There are a couple extra holes drilled in it too. If you're gonna put a solid finish on it, plugging them would be dead easy.

    It's a great guitar, I wish I'd never stripped it tbh but I have zero time to sort it out now.

    The only thing I can't include is pickups, I took them out because one was dead and I sold the other, lol. I don't think I have the string ferrules either...
    Hey dude, didn't wanna spam up your thread but I have a stripped SLSMG (no paint, no pickups) that I'm looking to shift for about £250. You could get a fresh paint job on there an new pickups and it'll cost less than your average used one. If you're interested let me know!
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