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Apr 19, 2004
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Dec 2, 2021 at 7:47 AM
      Hey man.
      You better check the politics forum. If anything I'm posting is crossing the line I would be fine with refraining from the politics forum.
      It's not worth getting banned to me when I know my points aren't being recieved anyways lol.
      I typically try to state my view in a thread and leave it at that, but since many of the guys like to pull my post apart to disagree, things end up a little off track.
      I really don't see it being my fault, but my opinion isn't what matters on the forum, so lol.

      Anyways, please just let me know if you'd rather me just stay off politics, it's fun for me, but some of the other members seem to disagree there as well.
      Dave (trenchlord)
    2. PetrucciVai
      Hey Alex, did you get a PM from me? If not then I need to send it again but if it went through do you mind responding?
    3. pondman
    4. schecterhellraiserc-7
      im warning you now, eaeolian is using his banhammer quite a lot now seeming unnecessarily
    5. schecterhellraiserc-7
      hi alex, i would like to ask whether sso has a video chat, if it doesn't, i think it'd be a cool feature for people to jam on, if it does, then where can i find it
    6. Phil-Centralia
      Hi Alex, could you assist me, since about more than a month i cant access the SSO website at home, firefox = Page not found, Internet Explorer = Page not Found.

      At the moment im at a LanHouse, and it was my only way to conect here, would it be possible to help me out somehow?

      my e-mail adress is: [email protected]

      Thank you.
    7. MaxOfMetal
    8. Garrett
      May i please have my name changed to Garrett.

      Thank you.
    9. teleofseven
      hey. i sent you PM a while back. did you get it?
    10. XylemBassGuitar
      Hi Alex,

      Forgive me if you are not the right person to ask about this. I was wondering if it would be appropriate for me to show off a couple of songs/bass demos of mine by posting YouTube links to them on the bass forum. Here are the YouTube links:

      Xylem 6 String Bass Demo - Two-Hand Tapping w/ Looper - YouTube

      Xylem Custom Bass Demo - 33" Scale 4 String, Tap Style - YouTube

      I would definitely avoid any sort of promotional text, limiting my post to saying something along the lines of: "I though you guys might be interested in a few of my bass videos."

      Let me know if this would be acceptable. Thanks for your time Alex!


      Anthony Olinger, Owner
      Xylem Handmade Basses & Guitars
      Xylem Handmade Custom Bass Guitars and Custom Guitars
    11. Alex
      Hey guys, if you want a name change, please PM me! Thank you.
    12. Stealthdjentstic
      Sorry to keep bothering you, but it seems like nobody likes my new name. Could you kindly change it to Randy or if that's not feasible: DJRandyOfAeolioMancerorian
    13. MaxOfMetal
      Hey Alex, would you mind editing my iTrader feedback. A troll decided to mess with it.

      Thanks, and happy Holidays.
    14. Van
    15. Djent
      Is there any chance that I can swap usernames with this guy: - View Profile: Djent
      He hasn't come back since the day he joined, and he hasn't posted at all.
    16. SenorDingDong
      May I please have my name change to J-W-Griebel.

      Thank you!
    17. IB-studjent-
      Hey could you help me out man, could you change my name to IB-student-, Thanks man!
    18. Stealthdjentstic
      Cheers, good to hear shes doing well. :)
    19. Stealthdjentstic
      Sir, may I please get a name change to Stealthdjentstic? Thank you :wub:

      Also I hope the baby is doing well.
    20. Oceans
      can you change my name to ...And Oceans
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