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  • Hello Alex, I was curious if you could change my username please. I no longer want it to be my first initial and last name. Can you change it to "GizmoJunior". Thanks lol.
    Hey Alex hope you're well. Just wondering if I can have my username changed to Pete. I see there's a user named Pete but he was last active 11 years ago lol...not sure what the protocol is on that.
    So you deleted my customers review based on a assumption? I contacted do the the fact that the link i had to his rewiew went dead... And he had no clue what happened... And the fact that i had a post deleted already... Im not going to pay for a vendor account when i dont make jack off these cabs and make one a month in my spare time...
    Hey Alex, any way I could get a name change? Just not feeling what I've got anymore. I want to be more active on the forum but with a name people actually remember
    Hi Alex, I was wondering if it would be possible to make a user name change.
    When I registered for the forum I was in a hurry, and just made some stupid. Now I want to be more active in the community and would like to have a better user name. If possible change it to "sanoy". Thanks!
    Alex, tried PMing you. I've had my thread deleted and told I need a dealer account to post about my pedals in the dealer section. Please message me in regards to this. Cheers.
    Hi Alex, I've been told, if I want to post pictures of guitars I'm making on your forum, I need a dealers account and that I need to go through yourself. Kind regards, Harris Custom Guitars
    Hey Alex, I got negative Itrader from someone trying to neg rep me, Max said you're the guy to talk to to get it fixed.
    Hey man.
    You better check the politics forum. If anything I'm posting is crossing the line I would be fine with refraining from the politics forum.
    It's not worth getting banned to me when I know my points aren't being recieved anyways lol.
    I typically try to state my view in a thread and leave it at that, but since many of the guys like to pull my post apart to disagree, things end up a little off track.
    I really don't see it being my fault, but my opinion isn't what matters on the forum, so lol.

    Anyways, please just let me know if you'd rather me just stay off politics, it's fun for me, but some of the other members seem to disagree there as well.
    Dave (trenchlord)
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