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  • Hello.. I saw that you bought a Rhodes Gemini and I needed to ask you about it if you don't mind. I play death metal and I am not sure if this amp is for me. Does it have enough gain? Enough lows? I have only ever played through a Marshall JCM800 with a high gain distortion pedal. So I'm not sure if the Gemini has what I need in terms of a brutally aggressive sound.
    I've talked to Kyle about it but he's not really they type of guy that'll say "yea man, the Gemini will literally rip your face off.". And that's kind of what I need to hear you know?
    Anyway.. any help is very much appreciated! Thanks a lot!
    Thanks. I assume you'd be getting yours after NAMM then.. I am sure there would be a lot of NAMM videos of your amp coming up :) What kinda music are you into, if you dont mind me asking ?
    Hi, saw that you ordered for Rhodes Gemini. Was wondering on the wait time on these. I am planning to order 1 soon. Have you got yours ?
    Hi, I'm Alberto of Technology4Musicians.
    I would to ask you if I can use your S9 Monster's pictures for my website's gallery.

    Post some pics mate, want some guitar p0rn :lol:
    I'll let you know about mine once I get it.
    :lol: Damn, for a custom job, still not good enough.
    Mine was worse though, Bad join with the 2 piece ash body, could wedge a piece of paper in between the joint. :noplease: had tons of 80 grit scratches around the hole thing and some burn marks. but it's not with me at the moment, i told sims to send it straight over to a luthier in the US. So he's fixing it up. it took about 10 weeks to get the body from sims to the luthier ( I was quoted a week :lol: ).. Such a bad businessman.
    How did your Sims body and RG7420 hardware go together? Did you have to have work done on the body and shit?
    Sims finally got around to doing your body aye?
    thank God for that.. fucking took a while.
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