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  • I guess they didn't want to deal with "filthy" metallers anymore, hahaha. Shame on them. I will still try to get my seven before it's too late. I know someone in the forum must have one in mint condition and completely stock. So far I have had two offers; one guy has one that is modded to hell and the other guy, well I am still waiting for his reply but hopefully it is all stock...
    Yeah, those guitars smoke. It's a shame they didn't do as well. The pickups really surprised me.

    To be honest, I have no idea why Washburn does anything that they do now. We kept telling them that they should continue those WM models since they sold out DAY 1. They just seem fine with only having the Nuno models as the only thing that sells. We told them how ugly those new USA replacements for the WM series are. They don't really seem to care about feedback.

    From what I heard, they stopped doing the USA WM and Parker neck models because of the cost. It was costing them way too much and they weren't making enough profit to continue doing them. Why they discontinued the rest of the series? No idea. I'm assuming it has to do with their whole "we are moving away from the metal scene" deal. Apparently the company that owns Washburn, Parker and Randall just started changing endorser policies or something and a lot of people jumped ship. Soon after all those models went out the door.
    Awesome. I wasn't expecting you to see offers so soon.

    The 6 string counterparts are fantastic. I had the V before, which I LOVED. I ended up swearing if they made a 7 that I'd snag it. When they did (even though it wasn't the V, the neck was the same) I snagged it.

    It's sad they never finished making our extra orders. The 12 black ones never got made. After the original 12 red sold, we put in another order for more with other color options. They were supposed to build us some different protos too with different specs. Sadly, it never happened.
    Hey there brother! just a short note to see how the recording's going? How are things sounding? Hell that's exciting man!

    Hope all's well brother, please keep me updated on all this stuff, i'm really keen to hear it if possible \m/
    hey man! wanted to let you know I still have the peavey and the engl.. FREAKING AWESOME! thanks for the great prices and opportunity of having such awesome equipment!
    Hey man!

    Sorry for not replying, I'm having some really busy weeks at the moment and it looks like there will be more of it to come. I'm just dropping in to let you know I haven't forgot, and I will do it when I get the time! :yesway: I just can't say for sure when that'll be.

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