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  • Sorry for being such an uncommunicational and slow worker though, glad it's all sorted :cheers:
    Saw your post re: guitar bodies - looking to get something like a proline made to replace my UV body. You can msg me here or through FB - I liked your page. Thanks.
    All in all, fucking rad dude! :yesway: If they end up anything like your prototype, they'll all be incredibly beautiful instruments. You have a great vision, talent and great taste. I'll keep spreading the word via Cloudyhead, etc. While being overloaded would be terrible (as you said), having people chomping at the bit would be a very good thing.

    I'm glad to hear that things are looking promising. :yesway:
    Waiting for wood to dry sounds... Fun... :ugh:

    Good thing, any prospective customers yet?!
    How's Aura? :hbang:

    I've actually been wondering, will you be experimenting more, or is straight to business for you?
    You know I was just thinking about that today :lol: I really wish I had the money to get a build from you right now. It would be so sick.
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