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    Matter In The Medium-my band's EP is done!

    Hey everyone, My band Matter In The Medium finished recording our first EP a little while ago and we finally have all the artwork done and it's going to be available online and at hmv very soon. I figured some of you might like to hear the music. We do our best to make it interesting and...
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    Matter in the Medium (my band) songs available on Rock Band

    hey, My band Matter in the Medium (MATTER IN THE MEDIUM on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads) now has a song available on the new Rock Band Network! Its called persistence of vision price 80 MSP ($0.99 USD) you can see a preview video here: Rhythm...
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    U.S. Haunted Places

    according to this the restaurant i work at is haunted by some tall man... :ugh: i was not aware of this.
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    Your name's best anagram

    my first and middle name was ABORT DREAMS....:ugh:uhm
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    My band MitM recorded some new songs

    hey everyone, ha so sorry about the shameless self promotion, but my band Matter in the Medium recorded a few more of our songs and I thought I would share them. We recorded at Ice House studios. We also filmed the tracking of some parts and made a little video.. heres our myspace...
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    Aphex Twin

    venetian snares is insanely awesome... though hes a lot different than aphex twin, ksbsky era kid606 has a lot of the so-called IDM elements that aphex twin has. i dunno i like both so maybe you will. ha
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    Dream Thread - I Got Nuked

    i once had a dream that i went to my friends house to pick up my amp.. and i found his father disemboweled in the living room, and it was supposedly my fault....:ugh: i also had another dream that i was at work (in a restaurant) and i managed to cut the skin off of all of my fingers leaving...
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    Random Pics of Your Rig

    i finally got my rig to my drummers house.. so i decided to take a few pics next to my bassists rig :)and in the dark: my gear: -Mesa Boogie roadster w/ mesa rectifier 4X12 -Korg DTR-1000 rack tuner -Furman power conditioner -TC electronics g-major -Lexicon JamMan -Voodoo...
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    So my band MitM recorded a few songs...

    thanks, its like that because before it was a little too far the opposite way. i prefer it like this, but i can see what you mean. once we record vocals and keys we might have it fixed up a bit. btw.. the other songs are up on soundclick now :)
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    So my band MitM recorded a few songs...

    hey everyone my band Matter In The Medium recorded three songs at a local studio here called Ice House Studios. id like to know what you think of them. Im pretty sure aaron on here (eleven59) and his band terrorhorse recorded here too. we dont have a singer yet so its just instrumental for...
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    NEED TOUR HELP - Canadian Members Look Here!

    i didnt know they expected to get that going so soon. sweet. good luck with the tour:)
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    NEED TOUR HELP - Canadian Members Look Here!

    i would help but you probably have more connections in london than we do .:lol: we would be happy to open for you though;)
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    The Songsmith Sessions - awesomest ever versions of every song covered

    this is definitely the best one i've seen.. YouTube - Classic Hits by Microsoft Songsmith: "Tom Sawyer" by Rush :lol:
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    Rig questions

    I believe the edge's MIDI controller is a Custom Audio Electronics RS-10 with the expander module i have a picture of his pedalboard... but it's in a magazine and i don't have a scanner:(