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    Please do come out to a show. We don't play the same style of music as White Shadow, but our joint shows seem to go over really well.
    Yup , sure have. We've played with White Shadow a good bit. You from the Baltimore area ?
    Donnie and the gang are a good group !
    Haha, I'm there with you dude, I loathe just about every Metal/Deathcore band in the business. It'd be working better if we played shows :p
    I dont yet, but im thinking about making a video today, along with a couple sound checks...but dont expect to much since my recording equipment isnt quite up to par.

    ill message you back with a link in a bit
    Not really mate. I found the Randall to have alot of punch in its sound. More so than the Laney VH100 and the Engl Powerball I used to own. I generally keep my Gain control at around 1 o'clock for the overdrive channel and for the boost. Maybe something could be up with your tubes?
    they are great...i don't know how much better of a value there is as far as features and cost goes. thanks for the props too!
    I forget if it was on eBay or Craigslist. I actually had the preamp version before the head (DST-4)
    Looks like this message was after your PM... glad you checked them out. I can record some clips with just the KxK / ART if you want to hear it alone.

    Yeah, they're pretty rare, but it's worth taking the time to look for. I've had mine for around a year now, and during that time, I've had 7 other nice (some $2000+) hi-gain, all-tube heads, and the DST just keeps burying them in one aspect or another. I think I'm starting to give up on finding something better, and maybe just trying to find another as a backup :) It's no wonder Tony MacAlpine used one for so long.
    haha funny you should say that, they are our friends and enjoy our music as much as we do theirs!

    thanks for the kind words man :hbang:
    Thanks! It's an early model 7620 (F97) that used to be black. I've had it for 10 years now.
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