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    Morbid Angel: New lineup, new tour, new album

    Man those drums are hella triggered. They had that sort of sound on some of their old albums...Formulas comes to mind. It really sounds pretty bogus nowadays though
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    Comedy war metal/bestial black metal-Mega Hate

    As the new big thing in metal seems to be abysmal, HM-2 fueled powerviolence, I've decided to start a project to offer a light-hearted, comedic send up of the genre. Its called Mega Hate, and this is our debut single, "Send Forth the Angels of the Bottomless Pit"...
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    A tone so gnarly even maggots wouldn't touch it...(Bloodbath cover inside)

    It's pretty close to the Bloodbath tone though. Entombed's tone to my ears sounds like they were using the HM-2's distortion into a clean amp. Bloodbath recorded Resurrection Through Carnage with some sort of amp modeler of the time (not sure which one) and I'm pretty sure they were using the...
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    Meshuggah Megamushthread!!

    The whole vibe this new album gives off is, like, what the Borg Queen from Star Trek and the Xenomorph from Alien groove to while they're having brutal BDSM sex in space. While high.
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    As a guitarist, is it ok not to be a songwriter?

    Plenty of people play music but don't write it. Nothing wrong with that if its what you do. But if you want to write, just do whatever you do and don't beat yourself up about what you write. We're our own harshest critics. Take a break once in a while; read up on songwriting and composing...
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    Is there a tube pedal designed to just "Tube up" your signal before an amp?

    I recently got a Boss Waza Craft Blues Driver and have been using it as a boost the way a Tubescreamer is used to boost "metal" amps, and it does exactly what you're talking about. The Blues Driver distorts in a way that sounds WAY more natural and "tubey" than a Tubescreamer. The tone control...
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    The 0th octave club! (For those of us who tune below C1)

    Yo! been a while since I've posted anything on here. Got messing around this morning with my ultra-low VST bass stuff. Trying to push the low end sludginess to the absolute limit with 0th octave diminished-5th power chords. I think its appropriately bowel-churning...
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    Choice of Pickup for baritone detuned

    OP if you're using a 27" scale baritone and tuning to only drop-D that could be what's causing the high strings to sound to spikey. Unless you mean drop-D in octave 1 like a bass, there's likely much more tension than usual on the high strings. Baritones are usual set up to be tuned a fourth or...
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    Tips for writing/playing bass-only metal?

    I recently bought a Squire Bronco bass, the little short scale entry-level one. I've been on a stoner metal roll lately, and that bass is excellent for it. This is all stuff I recorded with just a center panned bass track and a parallel channel with some cab sims with a slight delay on them...
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    Tips for writing/playing bass-only metal?

    Thanks for the cool replies guys! Some awesome bands and suggestions thrown out here. Yes you're right about lighter strings being useful for bass-only metal. Right now I have a standard 100-45 D'Addario set on my 4 string, tuned down to D-Standard. I find this delivers just the right...
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    Ideal Death Metal Tone

    Triple Rec boosted with a Metal Zone is the best version of that type of tone I've heard. You keep the gain on the Metal Zone down and use it like a Tube Screamer to boost the front of an amp. So most of the distortion is coming from the amp, but the Metal Zone adds some of that piercing top end...
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    Tool/Lateralus afficionados: I need your help

    It's a painting by Alex Grey. I believe it was done specifically for the Lateralus album, but most of his artwork is similar in style. The liner booklet is printed on translucent plastic and you can peel back different layers of the image to reveal different parts of the guy's internal physical...
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    Funniest pedal you've ever played

    I had an Electro Harmonix Neo Mistress Flanger once. When I took the bottom off to change the battery, I noticed that on the circuit board, really small so you could hardly see it, was printed "I know kung fu". That was really funny I thought.
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    Tips for writing/playing bass-only metal?

    Extinction's pretty cool I think. I know a lot of people gave them a lot of crap for being too derivative of Meshuggah, but shizz...I wish "djent" bands would just rip Meshuggah off instead of adding all the whale song, pseudo-jazz and core elements.
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    Dino Say Meshuggah, Korn, Coal Chamber Ripped Off FF Riffs - Give Examples

    That particular rhythm that the riff in Blind and Scapegoat use is almost exactly like the kick drum beat in a standard 4/4 funk rhythm. You ALL hip-hop uses. So I'd say they were more than likely just aligning the guitars to a hip-hop break beat, and not copying each other at all...