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Dylon, Dylon, Dylon., from The K-Hole, TN

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Jul 28, 2010
    1. newamerikangospel
      How is your cobra going man? I noticed you have the Ruby el34s listed. Are you liking them?
    2. Goodspeed
      Meh, still working on the hollowbody.

      I'd have to disassemble the Tele to fix it, and I've just been lazy about that. Lol. I'll get to it one of these days.
    3. Goodspeed
    4. Goodspeed
      Bahaha, I'm not even sure what that means, but it can't be good.
    5. Goodspeed
      ...cock goblin.
    6. newamerikangospel
      Hey man. I actually took the low gain ruby out of my amp today. I really like the fatness it added, and the "clean" saturation, but the high end response was suffering. As far as tubes, I have (all JJ)

      V1 - Gold Pin
      V2, V3, V5 - "regular" 12ax7
      V4 - Graded/Balanced 12ax7

      I had two sets of JJ el34s drop on me (one quad in about 5-6 hours of play, the other in less than 4 months), but I haven't had any issues with their preamp tubes, though other people have. I personally love mine, but be prepared to take a risk if you order them.

      I plan on trying the set from Doug's Tubes Re-tubing an amp? Check out what people bought

      A full retube (preamp and power) is only $125, and I think shipping is free on them.
    7. omgmjgg
      will do man! I actually may know a vocalist looking as well I'll see whats up
    8. newamerikangospel
      Hey man. I use alot of mids with my clean tone, as I go for more jazzy tones. My treble is about under 1, mids and bass around 6-7, bright switch on, presence off. I have a JJ gold pin in there, so it is smoother than with the stock EHs. I have my volume at 10, and my gain about 4-5. The thing about the cobra's gain channels, if you put the channel volume above 7-8, you will get rid of alot of the fizz. With the clean channel, to keep it as clean as I wanted it, I found that I had to dime the master then put the gain where it had an acceptable volume level with the rest of the other channels.
    9. omgmjgg
      sounds good man, ya my friend listens to several bands on the lines of danza and he loves aal as well. I'm pretty sure he is looking for something, but i'll double check an if he is i'll send him your way
    10. omgmjgg
      what style of music are you looking to play man? I might know a bassist that would be interested.
    11. newamerikangospel
      I haven't heard a cobra with a Vader cab, but dont know how it would sound. Every eminence speaker I have tried had a very "hi-fi" top end (alot of 10khz), so I wrote them off for a bit. I really like the g25s that come in the cobra cab. I have 8ohm g25s, and 16ohm hm75s (Warehouse t75 clones) and I really like the tone. However, since the hm75s have a peak-y top end, I have found that the speaker combination kind of settles into "that" tone, and doesn't have much else (not alot of eq settings sound good with it). So it is very limiting if you dont like them :lol: .

      2x15 bass cabs sound MASSIVE with ANY amp, but they have a very steep high end drop off, so you may not cut very well; and they also have a very "stiff" feeling to them (and the cobra is already pretty stiff).
    12. newamerikangospel
      Well, I use the lead for rhythm, crunch for lead. I just put a quad of Ruby el34bstr tubes in my power section, and it sounds massive. I also put a low gain ruby tube in the v3, and it helped smooth my tone out, and give the lead channel less gain so I can push the compression up without all of the distortion. I would say play around with OD pedals. I use a ts9, which works for me. I have yet to hear anyone say anything negative about the maxon808 though :lol: . I have active blackouts, so I dont max out my volume, but my gain is at 0, then tone is at taste.
    13. newamerikangospel
      How is your framus working out for you man?
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