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Jun 12, 2021
May 6, 2004
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Dec 7, 1977 (Age: 43)
7th Ethereal Plane of interstellar hell, Innit Bru
Java Developer. Allegedly. And professional pilloc

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7 Dying Trees

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Jun 12, 2021
    1. Lakeflower
      Hey man. Tried the M7 through your rig yet? :) Edit: Heh, i just noticed your M7-thread...I'm glad that you like it. :yesway:
    2. Lakeflower
      Yes, i prefer the NB to the TZ and it´s a pretty nice combo with the AN7 in the neck, i must say. :) Edit: and thanks for the add. :yesway:
    3. Lakeflower
      Hey James. Ok, so i tried the Nailbomb yesterday and i must say that i´m very satisfied with it. I really love the midrange in this pickup and i think it sounds great in my Rg1527. :)
    4. Lakeflower
      Hey. 3,5 hours to the Nailbomb-test.:D How about you? Have you tried the M7 through your rig yet?
    5. Lakeflower
      The Nailbomb is in. :) I did drill some holes in the cavity for the screwcoils and i have some foam underneath the pup. I´m a little bit lost about the height-adjustment, but i think it will turn out ok. Can´t wait to band-practise!
    6. Lakeflower
      I'm glad to hear. :) Hopefully you'll like it even more when you've unleashed teh brootalz with your amp. I´m just about to throw the Nailbomb in, can't wait any longer. :lol:
    7. TMM
      Haha, agreed! One is around 6yrs old, and 14lbs, and the other is just over 1, and 9lbs. It's like watching a sumo wrestler matched up against a young WWF wrestler. The little guy runs circles around the bigger one, using acrobatics and speed to batter what little weight he has into her, and also tries to pull her legs out from under her. She, in turn, knocks him around with her chest/stomache, and sits on his head while he's trying to bite her legs. We have so many videos of their matches, because they're so funny!
    8. Lakeflower
      Hey man. Let me know how you like the M7 when you´ve installed it. Cheers.
    9. TMM
      Haha nice. Yeah, they're pretty metal. My house has all wood floors, so they do a lot of run-run-run-slide, which is pretty funny. They're used to it though, so they do it on purpose now to turn around corners, etc. There's 1 room in the house with a rug, so they actually get traction, and they use it as a pro wrestling ring. The little one runs, jumps toward the furniture in the room, then bounces back off of it (like it was the ropes) to body slam the bigger one. Pretty hilarious.
    10. Xiphos68
      I dont know If ican get or not ill let you know.
    11. Marv Attaxx
      Marv Attaxx
      Hey James, thanx for adding me :)
      Oh, and happy new year!
      Rock on, dude!
    12. Mattmc74
      :hbang: Happy Birthday! :metal:
    13. Joel
      ok then
      well if you do decide to go ahead with the sale just drop me a pm...
    14. Deaths Madrigal
      Deaths Madrigal
      hey, im not trying to bombard you with messages, im just letting you know that i'll probably be buying your guitar, im dying for this...haha
    15. Joel
      im intregued after hearing about the blaze cutom you have... are you actually selling it?
      if so, how much for?
    16. Stealthdjentstic
    17. Stealthdjentstic
      The fuck is a sarcy english twat? :lol:
    18. Randy

      I didn't even realize all that. However, for a domestic transaction... the price made me :wag:
    19. Randy
    20. Zepp88
      So, any new Chaosanct news? :cool:
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    Dec 7, 1977 (Age: 43)
    7th Ethereal Plane of interstellar hell, Innit Bru
    Java Developer. Allegedly. And professional pilloc
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