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    1. MaxOfMetal
      It's all good. :)
    2. celticelk
      Been meaning to thank you for putting up the Alumitone clips! They were *very* useful in making the decision to go with them for my current Oakland Axe Factory build; being less of a metal player, I ended up ordering Tobin's P-90ish variant, which I expect to be a smokin' sound in the hot-rod-Tele theme we've got going for that build.
    3. SYLrules88
      hey man, a recent thread about alumitones made mention of your thread for sound samples. i hadnt realized that you had made a sound clip with a bit at the end demonstrating the response across all of the strings. just wanted to say thanks for makiing that and sorry for not checking on it sooner! i kind of gave up on the alumitones once i heard about the 8 string d activators but i just listened to your sound clip and read what everyone was saying and now im interested again!

      still using the alumitone? any character flaws you've discovered in it yet? and in case you havent tried it yet, i dont think you can coil split it. if a pickup is able to be coil split, there will be 4 obvious colored wires and then the bare wire. unless of course we're talking about single coils, which some can be coil tapped.
    4. aphelion
      Dude, where in SA are you from?
    5. Xanithon
      Welcome to the forum dude. Introduce yourself in the Newcomers forum :P.
      btw nice research stuff on that site etc :)
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